September 21, 2020

Pomona Father’s Rights Lawyer

“Make certain your paternal rights are enforced. Whether you need help with custody, visitation, or support, a Pomona father’s rights lawyer can help you find the best solution.”

Fathers have as much of a right to be involved in the lives of their children as mothers due. Enforcing those rights, however, requires the assistance of a Pomona father’s rights lawyer.

Too often courts rule in favor of giving the mother custody of the children by default. You can combat this by working with the Law Office of Laurence J. Brock. We can demonstrate why living with you is within the children’s best interests.

What Is “Best Interests”?

Family law judges must make custody- and child-related decisions based on what they perceive to be the best interests of the children. This means that they are not looking at what is best for you or the mother but at how a ruling will impact the kids.

Some questions to ask yourself are as follows:

  • Will the kids be able to remain in the same home by living with you?
  • Can they stay in the same school by living with you?
  • Does your proposed custody plan allow for time with both parents?
  • Is there a sibling bond that will be preserved by living with you and not with mom?

The court’s goal is generally to keep life as stable as possible for children during and after a divorce. Changes of any kind can be a destabilizing factor, so if a judge can choose between one parent that can keep a child’s life consistent and one who is proposing massive change, the judge is likely to choose stability. Your Pomona father’s rights lawyer can help you make decisions that improve your chances of providing this stability.

You Have a Right to See Your Kids

Keep in mind that the courts believe it is in the best interests of a child to see both parents. This means that with the help of a Pomona father’s rights lawyer, you should get maximum visitation rights, if not full custody.

How Much Will Be Paid in Child Support?

A judge will use a formula to determine how much support should be paid for each child, based on the income of both parents and the number of days the children spend with each. An order will then be made for who should pay and who should receive child support.

What Happens in a Custody Dispute

Even after a divorce has been finalized, things may not go smoothly. The divorce and custody decrees are supposed to prevent conflict, but this is not always the case. If the mother is trying to block your visitation or take other rights away, such as not consulting you about education or medical issues, you can take her back to court.

When enforcing your rights becomes necessary, you need a Pomona father’s rights lawyer to help you. Some ex-spouses will effectively use the children as weapons, but the mother is not allowed to withhold them from you or threaten to do so. The courts are here to protect you and your rights as a father from this behavior.

Call a Pomona Father’s Rights Attorney

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