September 29, 2020

Child Support Lawyer Pomona

If you are getting a divorce or have a dispute over child support, call a child support lawyer in Pomona. At The Law Office of Laurence J. Brock, we can meet with you, discuss your case, and provide expert legal advice regarding what you should do next. When it comes to child support, the decisions made by the judge will impact you on a monthly basis for years to come. This makes it essential to get it right. To schedule a consultation, call 909-466-7661.

A Child Support Lawyer in Pomona Can Protect Your Rights

Whether you are the parent who will be paying or receiving child support, you should have an attorney on your side. During the divorce process, a judge has to determine the total financial obligation assigned to each child on a monthly basis. The judge will then determine how much each parent should contribute toward that amount. While this may sound like basic math, it is anything but. It can be subjective, and there can be mitigating factors that change what should be paid on a monthly basis. This makes it necessary to have an attorney on your side who can work to protect your rights.

When to Speak With a Child Support Lawyer in Pomona

Call an attorney if you are considering getting divorced. Many people do not realize that during the separation, child support and a custody schedule is usually established. Whether this is done legally through the court system or through an informal yet regular agreement, what you pay now can be construed as a long-term agreement. A judge may simply certify the parenting schedule and child support arrangement you have been living with, even if that is not what you want going forward. With this in mind, you should establish a pattern you are comfortable with from the start.

A Child Support Lawyer in Pomona Can Help If Your Circumstances Change

Child support is established as part of the divorce. However, it is unreasonable to assume that nothing will ever change in your financial circumstances, with your child’s needs, or with your ex-spouse’s finances. Even things like getting remarried and having another child can influence how much you should pay in child support. Other circumstances like getting laid off or having your salary reduced can warrant an adjustment; however, you cannot simply pay less. Any changes to child support need to go through the court system. Otherwise, you could be in default of the initial child support order. To prevent this, work with a child support lawyer who can build the case for why the child support payments should be adjusted. Just be sure to hire an attorney as soon as you have an idea that you will need to seek an adjustment.

Additionally, an attorney can help you get more child support if you are trying to put your child in a new school, give them additional opportunities, need more funds for healthcare, etc.

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