September 21, 2020

Divorce Lawyer Pomona

As a divorce lawyer in Pomona, attorney Laurence J. Brock can provide you with the information you need regarding how to initiate a divorce and receive fair treatment during it. This can be a traumatic time, and without legal representation, it can be far more stressful than it has to be. A divorce is an unraveling of lives and everything contained in them. This requires far more than an address change. Everything from your checking account to the vacation condo and retirement assets needs to be divided, and a divorce attorney can help to make sure they are distributed fairly and with your best interest in mind.

Speak With a Divorce Lawyer in Pomona Before Separating

The sooner you work with a divorce lawyer, the better. You can talk with attorney Laurence J. Brock before filing a divorce. Doing so will help you to prepare a plan for the separation or divorce and make preparations. For example, you should gather financial information and everything you need to prove your financial situation and access your accounts. You may also want to open a separate account and credit card. These and other strategies can be discussed during your initial consultation. Taking small steps ahead of time can make the situation less complicated in the future.

When to Call a Divorce Lawyer in Pomona

If you are considering getting divorced, call an attorney. It is wise to create a cohesive game plan for how you want your divorce to go. Things like, who will get the house, and primary custody of the kids do not happen by accident. Rather, these are major decisions that must be planned for and strategized in advance. During these sessions, it is important to be crystal clear in what you want the outcome to be, so a plan can be created to achieve those goals. You should also call a divorce lawyer in Pomona if you have been served with divorce papers or have been trying to handle your divorce on your own and now realize you need assistance.

Types of Divorces a Divorce Lawyer in Pomona Can Assist You With

The Law Office of Laurence J. Brock can help if you are getting a divorce that is amicable or contentious. Even if you are getting along with your soon-to-be ex, it is wise to hire an attorney. Not understanding the law can lead to problems down the road, make it difficult to complete your divorce on time, and place you at risk for being taken advantage of. Protecting your rights is the primary objective of an attorney, and that is exactly what Laurence J. Brock can do. At the same time, if your case does end up in the courtroom, you want an attorney on your side who understands the procedure and how to apply the law in your favor. Things like making sure all witnesses are subpoenaed on time, preparing you for the questions you may be asked, and identifying any expert testimony are things an attorney can do for you. This will make the process easier, so you can focus on the next phase of your life.

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