September 27, 2020

Rancho Cucamonga Spousal Support Lawyer

Many people fail to realize that they may need a Rancho Cucamonga spousal support lawyer when they begin their divorce proceedings. This is because many fail to realize that they may need to pay their former spouse some form of monthly maintenance.

The reality is that alimony is very much alive and well in the family court systems across the United States, which is why it is imperative that you have a Rancho Cucamonga spousal support lawyer who specializes in protecting your assets. This is especially true if you make significantly more money than your spouse.

Whether you are seeking spousal support or want to mitigate the amount you will need to pay, the Law Office of Laurence J. Brock can help you achieve your goal.

Who Gets Spousal Support?

In order to receive alimony, which your Rancho Cucamonga alimony lawyer may also refer to as spousal support, the party requesting the alimony has to demonstrate a number of things to the court:

  • He or she has to show that their former spouse makes significantly more money in comparison. If both parties are earning an income, this can become harder to do; however, it is not impossible.
  • He or she must have been dependent on the spouse and that the divorce will result in a financial burden.
  • If your children require a stable home that can only be provided by your spouse assisted by your financial help, the judge may order alimony.

How Long Does Spousal Support Last?

A good Rancho Cucamonga spousal support lawyer will tell you that there are limitations to alimony, but that it can last a lifetime unless you are represented by the right family lawyer. Typically, when the court gives out alimony, there are set conditions put in place.

Some of the more common ones are listed below:

  • Your ex may receive alimony for a set amount of time. This can range from five to twenty-five years, depending on the circumstances and the judge involved. Naturally, your Rancho Cucamonga alimony lawyer will argue for the least amount of time.
  • Your former spouse may receive alimony until they remarry, at which point the contract becomes null and void.
  • Sometimes a judge will put qualifiers in place, which your former spouse has to meet in order to continue receiving alimony. If, for example, he or she has not made a good faith effort to find employment, the spousal support may be lost.
  • Your children move out and are no longer financially dependent on your spouse.
  • You either retire and can no longer make the payments or are no longer making the same amount of income as you were previously.
  • One of you passes away.

Does the Length of the Marriage Affect Alimony?

Your Rancho Cucamonga spousal support lawyer will know that the longer the marriage, the longer the parties have been dependent on each other. In cases like this, if one spouse has been depending on the other for a large part of the marriage, it is more likely that the judge will order some kind of alimony or spousal support.

Help from a Rancho Cucamonga Spousal Support Lawyer

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