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Superman Larry Brock saved my life! I had another lawyer(snake) who ate me alive in fees and my case went on and on and on…i finally was referred to Superman Larry who got my case and made everything happen with a FRACTION of the cost! Do not go anywhere else…go to Superman Larry!!! (I will be grateful to Superman Larry the rest of my life) (Other lawyers just dick around with your case . Shuffle paperwork from staff member to staff member costing you thousands and thousands)


From the beginning until the end Laurence Brock was such a supportive and knowledgeable lawyer! I would recommend him to everyone, he really listens to your case and tries his best in every aspect! I can’t thank him enough for getting me the protection I needed during this time in my life!


I can’t say thank you enough to Attorney Brock for EVERYTHING! Mr. Brock, Shelley and Maria (everyone else In his office) have been a blessing from day 1! After hiring an attorney for the previous court appointment and wasting money on her services, we decided it was time to look elsewhere. I found Mr. Brock through this site and from our first introduction over Avvo to the initial consultation in person to today’s court proceedings, he has shown himself to be professional, super knowledgeable, reliable, communicative and supportive. He was prepared and on time to court! Also, WE WON! The case was thrown out and I owe it to Mr. Brock and his team! should my fiancée’s ex wife make “bogus claims” again, we are headed back to Mr. Brock!

Whitney M.

I sought Mr. Brock’s assistance for a friend of mine who was going through a child custody matter. First and foremost he alleviated her fear by giving her excellent insight. In the end the other party and their requests were all denied and my friend was able to make an agreeable visitation schedule and began receiving child support! On top of that the matter was resolved quickly for the agreed retainer amount. I think anyone would be lucky to have Mr. Brock represent him. He is known around the Family Law department and is involved with the local Family Council so I’d say he’s very dedicated to his job.


Larry Brock was a Godsend and I would retain him again in a second. I am truly grateful, not only for his effectiveness in the courtroom, but also for his graciousness outside of the courtroom.


Mr. Brock was referred to me by a co-worker when I decided to file for divorce from my ex. I did not know what to expect and was bracing myself for a lengthy and not so friendly divorce. But Mr. Brock made the transition so painless- it was unbelievable. He is a straight shooter and tells it like it is. He seems to really care and is invested in your overall well-being. He suggested I go to therapy which I did and it was life changing. His staff is extremely professional, caring and answered every single question I had. My divorce was finalized and Mr. Brock and his staff walking me through the entire process made things so much easier than I anticipated. I knew exactly what was happening and I am happy to say that he was quite affordable for my budget. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone who asks!


After numerous lackluster consultations with other attorneys, I hired Mr. Brock. I was going through rough spousal and child support issues with my ex spouse. Larry says it like it is, and never beat around the bush. He handles things quick, efficient, and professionally. Mr. Brock helped me weigh the good and the bad with my case. He’s a consummate professional whos not afraid to take off the gloves to give the representation he feels you deserve. Larry worked hard to get results that were fair for all parties involved. The staff at his firm are beyond top notch as well. Clear, concise communication from the entire staff. Larry and his staff treat you like a human being. I’m extremely happy with the results and Larry’s hard work. I can’t say enough positive things about Larry and his team. I’ll recommend Mr. Brock and his team to anyone who needs quality legal services, and representation that you can trust.


Larry was recommended to me by my sister. My sister’s boss had gone through a nasty divorce so she had asked him, who was your lawyer? I was really glad to have found Larry as I was with another lawyer who just dragged his feet, over-billed me and gave me ridiculous advice re: my X (i.e. paying her much more than I was required). Larry had answers to all of my questions. He was always reachable–except if he was in court. His advice was always spot on. I had an argument with my teenage son which my X was trying to use against me. He advised that I go see a therapist. I did. The next time we were in court, the judge praised me for doing so, and shot down my X’s ploy to use the argument against me. The judge said, “It looks like Stanfield is taking care of this business.” Larry took the time to get to really know my situation. Who are my three kids, what did I want from the divorce and most importantly, he came to understand what we were dealing with in my X. I would recommend Larry to anyone. His legal acumen is unimpeachable. He truly cares about his clients. My divorce is finalized, I got the custody that I wanted, and I am paying my X much less than she felt she was thought she was entitled to. Thank you so much, Larry!!


Larry went above and beyond to handle my wife and I’s custody and support issues with my stepdaughter. Navigating courts and filings are a nightmare and having an expert like Larry to help us make sure we were not taken advantage of was invaluable in easing our stress during a very stressful time.

Farshad H.

I live out of state and I was served with a divorce in California. I needed a California attorney immediately. On referral, I found Larry Brock and found that he is extremely knowledgeable and skillful. Even though I live all the way across the country from California, Mr. Brock was very good at keeping me informed about my case and the litigation, and stayed in constant contact with me. He represented me with diligence at the trial, protected my rights, and addressed the issues with great skill. I would recommend Mr. Brock and his wonderful staff, Maria and Della, to anyone with a difficult family law matter.


Mr Brock was my attorney for four years. Custody battles are very intimidating. But I always felt safe with Larry in my corner. He is a very intelligent man. You will not be disappointed.

Jon E.

For the situation where you are not in conflict with the other party, I don’t believe you can’t ask for a better attorney to work things out fairly for both sides. He will look out for your children’s best interests throughout the whole process. I have hired other lawyers and have found few with as high a level of integrity and good morals [right, you are saying an attorney with integrity and good morals, i am serious, he’s that guy] He takes his role as a agent of the court seriously, he won’t screw over the other side, so if that’s what you are after he’s not your guy {my opinion}. He’s a nice guy, and actually returns phone calls and emails in a timely manner usually within a day or 2. This is not just at the beginning but all the way through the process. Most attorneys start creeping up to 3 to 5 days, not Larry, sometimes he’ll call you back within an hour. Again for an amicable separation or custody issue, you can’t ask for a better guy.

Bradley F.

Larry Brock and his staff are highly competent, consummate professionals. As an out-of- state client on the opposite coast, I needed someone who was knowledgeable, reliable, and responsive. My case involved allegations of domestic violence and jurisdictional issues surrounding divorce and custody. I spoke to no fewer than a dozen attorneys in the greater Los Angeles area, before obtaining a referral to Larry, and immediately could tell that Larry understood the issues and clearly explained to me what needed to be done. Larry was successful in ensuring jurisdiction for our child custody case remained properly in our son’s home state. Even as my ex-wife and her attorneys repeatedly tried to seek emergency custody by forum shopping in multiple CA courts, Larry was highly responsive in preparing responses and appearing in person to represent me in each instance, sometimes on a day’s notice, ultimately obtaining an award of $10k in sanctions to be paid by my ex AND her attorneys. Larry was also successful getting in the CA court to terminate a restraining order that my wife obtained, exposing it for what it was– an attempt to leverage a custody outcome. Larry and his staff were also extremely responsive in obtaining transcripts, copies of certified orders, arranging for service, and communicating with my east coast attorney, which ultimately contributed to the award of sole legal and physical custody of our son, to me (father).


Mr. Brock is a man of integrity and a very honest attorney. He is down to earth, respectful and easy to communicate with. I went to Mr. Brock after dealing with a shark and a very dishonest attorney who left me with a huge bill and more frustration and heart ache dealing with my divorce. Mr. Brock was welcoming and further explained to me my complex divorce case. He answered all of my questions and concerns and went out of his way to get me what I am entitled to! I’m so grateful and thankful for him and his staff. I will always recommend Mr. Brock to anyone who is in need of a highly knowledgeable attorney.


Larry Brock and his staff did an awesome job. I had a long contested case and he did everything that he could to make it more bearable. No one wins in a divorce, but I walked away with what was fair in the end. Larry knows the law, the ins and outs, and makes choices along the way to help bring the case to a fair and fast close. Not all attorneys are the same, Larry Brock was the second attorney on my case, I wish he were the first. When he took over he went right to work making sure that I was being protected in all aspects of the law. Had I not hired Mr Brock I’m afraid my case would not have come out as fair as it did. Without hesitation I can recommend Larry Brock and his staff.


Laurence Brock represented me during my divorce proceedings.
He is very knowledgeable, very professional, articulated and straight to point all the time. He does a very thorough research and gets clarity of the topic before court appearance. He makes your case to be cost-effective by offering you some useful pertinent advise that eventually helps your case and minimizes the cost. He is very polite, very friendly, and his office is staffed with knowledgeable professionals. Thank you.


I hired Larry after receiving recommendations from two friends. Larry was prompt, professional and successfully completed my divorce. He did a great job and I have referred him to two other friends.


I had gone to Larry last year desperate for some help and answers for child custody regarding my 6 week old. This of course was very sensitive and a very overwhelming time in my life. Upon having a consultation with Larry I knew he was the lawyer for me. He had compassion for me and continues to fully listens to what you I am saying and the concerns I have. He is very matter of fact and knowledgeable of family law. A year later we have been very successful. I have a long road ahead of me, but I know with the team here that I am getting the best representation for my family. If you are unsure set up a consultation and meet him, you will not be disappointed.


I read a lot of reviews and met with many lawyers in preparing for my divorce/child custody/support case. What I found was many lawyers who just want a payday. Larry Brock is not that lawyer. Larry is highly qualified, sensitive to the needs of his client and a very good listener. He paid attention to every detail of my complex case in order to have the best outcome for my son and I. Because of Larry, my ex was stifled for his lies in court and monetary motivation for increased custody. Larry helped this stressful process seem much easier. I would highlight recommend Larry Brock for your family law needs.

Barbara V.

Going through a custody battle is extremely stressful and the law office of Laurence Brock was instrumental in helping me through the most difficult period of my life. Mr Brock is very straightforward and did a fantastic job of keeping me informed and feeling secure every step of the way. He and his staff were always available to answer questions and guide me through the process. I am very thankful to have had such a competent, hard working and caring team to support me.

Kathy H.

No one wants to talk with an attorney. I didn’t, but the time came when I needed advice on grandparents rights. Mr. Brock took the time to go over my case and advised me to wait. I took his advice and I’m glad I did. My daughter had no custody and no visitation with her daughter. Following Mr. Brocks advice, we fast forward to 4 years later. My daughter has full custody, her ex has supervised visitation, and court ordered child support. Mr. Brock helped us understand the laws, he is honest and he is fair. We believe Mr. Brock has the child’s best interest at heart. This child is clearly the winner in this case. I would recommend Mr. Brock in a heartbeat.


I’m a registered process server and a notary, and I cannot over state in 15 years that Mr. Brock and his staff truly impressed me more then any attorney I have dealt with, Mr. Brock and his staff truly care in my opinion about the client. Mr. Brock handled my case with care !!! I did not feel like it was just another case to him or that it was about the money. I would refer his office to anyone with no hesitation. Thank you Mr.Brock as well as your staff.

Sarah S.

Laurence Brock represented me during my divorce and child custody hearings. I recommend him without hesitation to assist in all of your legal needs. He is knowledgeable, supportive and will prepare you for what’s to come.

Caycie & Chad

Mr. Brock is an amazing attorney who goes in with the attitude to get things accomplished quickly and smoothly. If you are looking for an attorney who will get straight to the point and state the facts, then look no further. I never truly understood the reason why an attorney should never represent their close family until I hired Mr. Brock to represent my fiance with his custody matter. He was able to take the emotion out of the battle and focus on the true important factors. He is an attorney who really does listen to you and attempts to find the best way to fix the problem. Most importantly, he is honest, and upfront, which can be hard qualities to find in an attorney! I would recommend Mr. Brock and his law office any day. We went through several attorneys before finally finding Mr. Brock’s office, and had we found him to begin, we would have saved years on our case.


When you hire a lawyer, you want good legal advice and advocacy. That’s a given. Larry Brock gave me excellent legal advice and handled my case as best as I could expect. Better, even. And for that, I’m grateful. More importantly, he provided good personal counsel. He was sensitive and sensible. He poked me when I needed to be poked and peeled me off the ceiling when I needed peeling. He was the Danny DeVito to my Michael Douglas (War of the Roses, right?). Larry Brock is a good lawyer. He’s also a good counselor. And those two things are not the same.


Larry really listened to me and understood what I needed in my family law case. His calmness helped me to be focused as he guided me all through the trial. My family and I are very happy we had Larry as our attorney. Thanks Larry!


Larry represented me in a difficult injury case. He told me everything I needed to know about my case and why. He made sure I understood what he was doing. He always kept me informed and was right on the ball with everything – even sending me copies of all documents. If you want a lawyer that truly looks out for you and tells you what he does and what you need to do and is just honest and honestly looking out for you, then Mr. Brock is your man. I highly recommend him for whatever legal issues you have. He is honest and truly cares and that’s so very hard to find in his field.


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