September 21, 2020

Child Custody Lawyer Pomona

If you are getting a divorce, a child custody lawyer in Pomona can help preserve your future relationships with your children by ensuring that you are treated fairly. Even in an amicable divorce, there are opportunities for one parent to take advantage of the process to gain more time with the children or to prevent the other parent from seeing them as frequently as they should. Working with an attorney will help to ensure that you and your children have as much time together as possible.

Protect Your Future With Help From a Child Custody Lawyer in Pomona

Remember that getting a divorce does not only impact your current situation. The judge’s rulings will also affect your future. This is the clearest when it comes to parenting plans. How frequently you see your children, what you pay in child support, and who gets to make decisions on healthcare and education are all determined during the divorce. When a judge decides that one parent will have the children 70 percent of the time, they are not only determining where they sleep. Very often, the ability to make day-to-day decisions also comes with being awarded majority custody. For this reason, you cannot take anything for granted but need to work with a lawyer who can protect your rights.

Why You Need a Child Custody Lawyer in Pomona

The most important aspect of your divorce is the custody of your children. When your assets are divided, you may feel a hint of frustration, but you can move on. You can buy a new car or bedroom set and replenish your retirement account in time. You cannot, however, move on from the custody arrangement the judge establishes. This is something you and your children will have to live with on a daily basis until they turn 18. That is not to say that it can never be changed, but you need to anticipate being given a set plan that will determine where you live, how frequently you see your children, and even what decision-making ability you have. Given the severity of the situation, it is critical that you work with an experienced custody attorney.

A Child Custody Lawyer in Pomona Can Help When Life Changes

If something happens in your life to change how frequently you can or want to see your children, you should speak with an attorney. This could mean a change in your job situation, the need to move out of the area, you having another child, or your financial situation changing. When finalizing a divorce, the judge will try to set a plan that can be lived with for years to come. However, life can throw curveballs, and when it does, you can seek to have your child custody arrangement or child support order changed. To do so, you need help from an experienced attorney. To discuss changes in your life and work toward an amended parenting plan, schedule a consultation with The Law Office of Laurence J. Brock.

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