September 21, 2020

Upland Spousal Support Lawyer

Commonly known as alimony, spousal support may be awarded to one of the parties involved in a divorce. It can also be awarded to a domestic partner.

During the course of the divorce, one or both parties may ask for support from the other, and it is ultimately up to the judge whether to award it. By working with an Upland spousal support lawyer from the Law Office of Laurence J. Brock, you can increase your chance of either winning support or mitigating the support you will have to pay.

Will You Have to Pay Support?

Just because your spouse asks for spousal support, it does not necessarily mean you will be required to pay it. That will be up to the judge as part of the divorce proceedings.

Your Upland alimony lawyer will gather the evidence necessary to demonstrate that spousal support should not be required. At the very least, we may be able to limit the amount paid or its duration.

The Purpose of Spousal Support

The very purpose of spousal support is to ensure that both divorcing parties are able to maintain their lifestyles as much as possible once the divorce is complete. In many cases, one spouse will be disproportionately affected financially.

When this happens, the other spouse must pay monthly maintenance in order to preserve the former spouse’s lifestyle.

Spousal Support FAQ

The judge will also take the following questions into consideration:

Is your ex-spouse working or able to return to work?

If it has been a long time since he or she has worked, it may be difficult for your former spouse to return to the workforce in a capacity that would allow him or her to be self-sufficient. In this situation, you may have to pay support for a longer period of time.

Is workforce training or school required for your ex-spouse to enter the workforce?

If so, your spousal support may include funds to go toward this education. Once the training or schooling is complete, you can return to court to have the spousal support amount adjusted.

Is your ex-spouse caring for your children?

If you and your spouse have young children, someone will need to provide them with constant care. If this care is provided by your spouse, you may be required to pay spousal support to allow this to continue.

Going to Court with Help from an Upland Alimony Lawyer

If you are in the process of separating or getting a divorce, an Upland spousal support lawyer from our office can represent you in court. We can protect your interests in the debate over paying or receiving spousal support.

The objective of your Upland alimony lawyer will be to determine what your goals are and then build a strong case that will enable them. If successful, the judge will decide something that is within your best interests. This does take time, so the sooner you schedule your free consultation, the better.

Additionally, if your divorce has already been finalized, we can assist you by requesting any changes necessary.

Get Started with an Upland Spousal Support Lawyer

Regardless of whether you will be receiving or paying spousal support, an Upland spousal support lawyer from the Law Office of Laurence J. Brock can assist you.

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