September 27, 2020

Upland Family Lawyer

What happens during your divorce will directly impact your future, both immediately and in the long term. Working with an Upland family lawyer is the best way to protect that future by ensuring that you are not taken advantage of during the process.

As your attorney, Laurence J. Brock can guide you through the process of getting a divorce and all of the complications that may arise.

An Upland Family Lawyer Will Help You Prepare

Before you ever file for divorce, there are specific things you can do to protect yourself, your children, and your assets. Among them are opening your own credit cards and bank accounts, obtaining copies of all your financial information, and determining what you want the outcome of your divorce to be.

Planning ahead is critical when it comes to a divorce because you can start everything in place to better influence how you want the divorce to turn out. For example, if you want to be the one who keeps the family home, you should try to continue living there instead of moving out.

Make Sure Your Division of Assets Is Fair

While it may stand to reason that the assets you and your spouse have will be divided evenly, you cannot count on this. There is a good chance that one party will receive greater benefits than the other. Working with an Upland family lawyer from our firm is an important step in ensuring that your financial interests are protected.

Dividing Credit and Debt in a Divorce

Most people focus on how their money will be divided, but that is not all you will leave the marriage with. Debt is also a major factor, including who will pay for it.

If one of you is the primary account holder on the credit cards, that does not mean that all of the debt is that person’s responsibility. Instead, a judge will decide which debts and what portion will be assigned to each person. If you feel that your spouse should be responsible for more due to his or her spending habits, we will need to prove it.

How these items are divided is critical to how your divorce concludes. We will ensure that your side of things is properly presented and that the division is as fair as possible.

Protect Your Property Rights

You have property rights, even if you move out of the home you previously shared with your spouse. If you have equity in that property, you are entitled to a portion of it as part of the division of assets.

If you both want to remain in the home after the divorce, you will need to work with an Upland family lawyer to make a case for why you should have it.

Similarly, if you have a business, it will also need to be divided fairly.

Call an Upland Family Lawyer

You have worked hard for your belongings, home, and financial assets. Make sure they are protected by working with an experienced Upland family lawyer.

For help, call the Law Office of Laurence J. Brock at 909-466-7661 or submit our contact form below. We will represent you throughout the proceedings, providing you with sound legal counsel every step of the way.

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