September 27, 2020

Riverside Family Mediation Lawyer

Do you believe that mediation might work for your family law matter? Learn more about the process by contacting a Riverside family mediation attorney from The Law Office of Laurence J. Brock.

Are you looking to resolve a legal family matter, but you aren’t sure that you’re ready to take your case to family court? Family mediation has been shown to be a positive process—a place where you can work out disputes in a safe and secure environment. Both parties dealing with a family dispute can discuss their issues and have a chance to be heard.

There are many benefits to using the family mediation process: It’s cheaper than going to court; you have more of a say in the final outcome of your case; and it’s less overwhelming than taking your family case to trial. Add a Riverside family mediation lawyer to your team and see whether you can resolve your family matter in mediation.

Family Law Mediation: Is it Right for You?

What is family law mediation and will it work for you? Family mediation is the process of resolving disputes using a third-party mediator. The mediator is trained to handle family law matters, but they won’t take sides. Instead, the mediator attempts to steer the discussion toward compromise and resolution, such as when discussion child support amounts.

Although this process can be positive, it’s also important to note that the mediator is not an attorney. The mediator will not be looking out for your best interests. You should still have a lawyer to advise you during this process. A family attorney can ensure you aren’t being taken advantage of or overlooked.

Why Choose Mediation Rather than Going to Family Court?

There are many benefits to family mediation. The first and most obvious is the lesser expense. Going to court is pricey, so if people can avoid that cost, most would at least want to give it a try. Another plus is that it’s generally faster than a trial, as trials can be long affairs.

Additionally, emotions can run significantly higher during a trial, as you don’t know what will happen or what the court will decide in the end. Trials are also public, whereas mediation is private.

Finally, if you choose to go the route of mediation, you will also have the benefit of having more of a say in the agreement that is reached between both parties. When you give the court full decision-making power of your child custody arrangement, for example, it can be a scary prospect.

Contact a Family Law Mediation Attorney

The mediation process can be a great option for resolving family disputes. Although it’s not for everyone, if you think it might be right for you, reach out to an attorney from our office. We will examine your case and do everything we can to protect your interests during this difficult and emotional time.

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