August 12, 2020

Rialto Father’s Rights Lawyer

Fathers have just as much of a right as mothers to participate in their children’s lives. A Rialto father’s rights lawyer can protect that right for you.

Are you in the process of getting a divorce or in a dispute with your ex-spouse over custody, child support, or visitation? If so, you need a Rialto father’s rights lawyer to represent you.

It’s a common misconception that mothers have all the benefits in custody situations and that the courts will automatically favor them. California courts see the importance of both parents in a child’s life.

The courts are supposed to look out for the child’s best interests—not just the mother’s. With a lawyer, you will have the same opportunity to make your case and get custody or generous visitation.

The Rights of Fathers

You have the right to a relationship with your children. Fathers who are abusive to or neglectful of their children don’t, however, and a Rialto father’s rights lawyer can help make sure you aren’t unfairly barred from your children.

Your attorney will fight for your right to be heard when it comes to the custody and support agreement. Despite popular belief, mothers don’t get to simply set the terms and dictate them to the court.

Worried About Child Support?

Child support can get expensive, especially if you have multiple children. The courts’ objective is to protect the child, and this often means awarding high levels of support that may not be affordable. A Rialto father’s rights lawyer will argue for reasonable child support amounts that take care of your children and treat you fairly.

If you are already paying child support but want a modification to what you pay, an attorney can represent your interests when you ask for one. Modifications are often awarded due to the following factors:

  • Job loss
  • Changes in custodial time
  • Increase in family size or needing to support additional children
  • Change in the other parent’s income

Contact an Attorney

If you and your ex are fighting or the relationship is otherwise strained over child custody or child support, hiring an experienced family lawyer is a wise choice. Your lawyer can request a custody hearing to ensure your parental rights are protected now and as you go through the divorce process.

Custody battles are not the time to represent yourself. To get a Rialto father’s rights lawyer from the Law Office of Laurence J. Brock in your corner, call 909-466-7661 or complete the online contact form at the bottom of the page.

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