September 29, 2020

Rialto Child Support Lawyer

Whether you’re divorced or were never married, you could be eligible to receive child support payments from the other parent. Find out by speaking with a Rialto child support lawyer.

Child support is awarded in virtually all cases of legal separation, divorce, and marriage annulment when kids are involved. If you are going through any of these, having a Rialto child support lawyer from the Law Office of Laurence J. Brock on your side can protect your financial interests.

Additionally, if your divorce has been completed but there are matters of support that need to be addressed, hiring a family attorney makes it possible to do so.

Calculating Child Support Is Not Simple

California has guidelines that can be used to assist a judge in determining how much child support each parent will have to pay. According to the state, each parent is responsible for helping care for the children, so a judge will determine the total support needed and then assign percentages to each parent. The result being that one parent will typically have to pay the other support.

The guidelines take into consideration are as follows:

  • The number of minor children
  • How much each parent is earning
  • Any other income (investments, rental properties, etc.)
  • The amount of time the children spend with each parent
  • If either parent is paying support for other minor children
  • Health insurance and daycare costs

The judge has the authority to consider other factors and expenses that a child may have and then use those factors in making a final determination. This allows for some flexibility in determining the final child support amount that each parent will pay.

Having a Rialto child support lawyer represent you ensures that a strong argument is presented that illustrates your case and that compensating factors are considered as appropriate.

Other Factors a Judge Considers

Typically, the guidelines detailed above will stand, but on a case-by-case basis, the judge has flexibility if certain factors are met:

  • One parent having exceptionally high income
  • Using the standard formula would be unjust
  • Both parents agree to a different amount

Additionally, a judge may choose to account for income like commissions and bonuses, something your Rialto child support lawyer can seek to have included or eliminated based on your best interests.

Protect Your Child’s Future

While child support payments traditionally end at age eighteen, they don’t have to. Some parents hire an attorney to ensure that support can continue through college to pay for the child’s educational and living expenses. In many cases, this is necessary support to ensure a child gets off to a good financial start.

Another reason to extend support is if a child has a disability that could require long-term parental support and involvement.

It Is Possible to Change Child Support Orders

When a divorce is finalized, an order of child support is established. Life circumstances can change, however, and when they do, child support may also need to be adjusted. Very often this is due to a change in income or the child having an increased need.

Speak with a Rialto Child Support Attorney

The best way to protect your finances and legal rights is to work with a family law attorney who is experienced in handling matters of child support and custody. The Law Office of Laurence J. Brock has the knowledge and practical experience to assist you. To schedule a free consultation with a Rialto child support lawyer, simply use the form below or call 909-466-7661.

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