September 29, 2020

Pomona High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer

Get your Pomona divorce case settled once and for all by contacting a Pomona high net worth divorce attorney with The Law Office of Laurence J. Brock.

Getting married is a happy time, and not many people think their marriage will end in divorce. Yet, it happens to a great number of couples. Once you’ve made the decision to end a marriage, you must figure out how to finalize the divorce. One of the major issues that need to be resolved during divorce proceedings is the division of assets, property, and debt.

It’s not easy separating a family’s finances, but it can be done. With the right Pomona high net worth divorce lawyer on your side, your financial issues can be resolved so you can move forward with your life. Your attorney at our firm will protect your rights, protect your financial stability, and work to get the best outcome possible for your Pomona divorce case.

Placing a Value on Property and Assets in a Pomona Divorce Case

When getting a divorce, one of the main issues will always be the division of property, assets, and debts. When two people share a life, they accumulate a vast amount of shared property. It’s not always easy to divide this property fairly between the two parties. This process is made more difficult when the couple has a high net worth.

You might have multiple homes, businesses, antiques, and other items of value that must be split. You might have intellectual property rights issues. These issues aren’t simple to resolve, but it can be done with the help of a Pomona high value divorce attorney. 

Your attorney can help get your property valued. They will watch out for your rights, protect your interests, and work to see that the division is equitable.

Other Pomona High Net Worth Divorce Matters

Property and debt division is probably a huge concern for you when dealing with a Pomona high value divorce. However, it’s probably not the only thing you’re worried about. You and your ex might have children, and figuring out custody arrangements can be another tough thing to settle. 

You could also be struggling to resolve issues with a premarital agreement or issues concerning spousal support arrangements. You could be struggling to get your divorce matters settled. A Pomona high value divorce lawyer can assist you with all aspects of your Pomona divorce case.

Speak with a High Net Worth Divorce Attorney in Pomona, California

Having wealth means that you face more challenges when going through a divorce in Pomona than someone with fewer assets and income. The basic process is still the same, though. Your property and assets will still need to be fairly divided as is mandated under California law. A lawyer can assist you with all of the steps of your Pomona divorce.

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