May 31, 2020

Ontario Father’s Rights Lawyer

If you need legal help to ensure your rights as a father are enforced, speak with an Ontario father’s rights attorney at the Law Office of Laurence J. Brock.

Many fathers are unaware of the rights they have regarding custody of and visitation with their children. They often believe mothers still have all the rights, but in California, that’s no longer the case. Married parents have equal rights to the care and custody of their children, as well as the same obligations, such as child support.

When custody and parenting issues are especially contentious, the court may be asked to step in and make decisions on these matters. The court will not automatically favor the mother over the father anymore but will examine the best interests of the child before making any decisions.

For help with your case, call an Ontario father’s rights lawyer.

How Does the Court Decide the Best Interests of the Child?

The court looks at both parents as equally responsible for the child and as having equal rights to custody and visitation, as well as an obligation to supply child support. When deciding these issues, the court will consider the following and much more before making a decision:

  • Which parent provided most of the daily care of the child?
  • Which parent took the child to school or dressed and bathed him or her?
  • Who read to and did homework with the child?
  • Of the two parents, which one seems to have the stronger bond with the child?
  • If joint custody seems appropriate, should the custody be split equally?
  • Does either parent have substance abuse issues?
  • Is there a history of domestic violence?
  • Which parent planned outings and extracurricular activities for the child?

If you’re concerned about the how the answers to these questions will affect your case, get in touch with a father’s rights lawyer in Ontario. A qualified attorney can also help you in cases that involve disputed paternity and father’s rights.

Examples of Father’s Rights

Fathers have the following rights—as do mothers—in the state of California:

  • The right to spend time with their children (visitation)
  • The right to custody of their children
  • The obligation to provide for their children
  • The right to make decisions for their children’s welfare and happiness

The court can decide that it’s not in the best interests of your child for you to continue to have these rights—but only if there is good cause.

For example, you have the right to custody and visitation with your child, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get it. If the mother proves that you are somehow unfit or dangerous to your child, or that it would be difficult for the child to be taken away from the mother, your father’s rights could be at risk.

Each situation is unique, and the court will examine your case carefully before coming to a decision. Decisions are not final, and an experienced Ontario father’s rights family attorney can help sway the decision in your favor while preserving your child’s welfare.

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