August 05, 2020

Inland Empire Child Custody Lawyer

If you have children and are planning on separating from your spouse or getting divorced, you need the help of an Inland Empire child custody lawyer from the Law Office of Laurence J. Brock.

Child custody issues can be incredibly complex, and decisions made during the divorce process will impact your relationship with your children until they turn eighteen. This makes it critical to have professional legal help, ensuring that both your rights and those of your children are protected.

Plan for Custody

Inland Empire child custody lawyer Laurence J. Brock will work with you to develop a strategy for how to receive custody of your children. Things to consider will include all of the following:

    • Who will remain in the family home after the divorce
    • Keeping the children in the same school district

<li”>Which parent will be able to maintain the most continuity with the children’s current living situation

It can be challenging to see things from a legal perspective while in the midst of such a tumultuous life change. By hiring an Inland Empire child custody lawyer, you’ll have the benefit of a professional handling these affairs on your behalf.

The Best Interests of the Child

During the divorce process, a judge will try to determine what is within the best interest of your children. The judge will be less concerned about what you and your ex want, and more interested in what will be the most stable and beneficial environment for your children.

As an Inland Empire child custody lawyer, Laurence J. Brock can evaluate your situation and identify ways that you can either create or maintain a positive and stable environment that the court will be likely to favor.

Common Custody Arrangements

There are no hard requirements for a custody arrangement. However, a judge will be looking for several things:

  • If the proposed arrangement will be easy to maintain
    • If it is too complicated, the judge is likely to simplify it
  • Clarity in regards to when and where exchanges will be made
  • Established holiday schedules that are unambiguous
  • The children should have time with both parents
    • Except in cases of abuse, it is rare that a judge will not provide visitation opportunities for a noncustodial parent

One of the more common arrangements allows for children to live with one parent during the school week, while the noncustodial parent sees the children every other weekend or on some weekday evenings.

While there is no guarantee that a judge will agree to our proposed parenting plan and custody schedule, working with an Inland Empire child custody lawyer provides you with the best opportunity for success.


If you are planning on moving out of the area, you need to hire an Inland Empire child custody lawyer from our office immediately. Relocation cases are the most difficult of custody battles because a judge must decide if a child should be allowed to leave.

If you are already the custodial parent, the chances of you being granted a relocation are far higher. If you are currently sharing custody or only seeing your child on a limited basis, you have a significant uphill battle ahead of you and will likely have to deal with issues involving child support as well.

In both scenarios, hiring a family law attorney is critical.

Speak with an Inland Empire Child Custody Lawyer

Do not take chances with the future of your children. When getting divorced or trying to change a custody arrangement, you need an experienced Inland Empire child custody lawyer on your side. To speak with a seasoned family attorney, call the Law Office of Laurence J. Brock at 909-466-7661 or schedule an appointment using the form below.

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