August 05, 2020

Fontana Spousal Support Lawyer

When do you need a Fontana spousal support lawyer? The answer to that question is any time you are involved in a divorce where there is potential for you or your ex to be ordered to pay alimony, also known as spousal support.

A Fontana alimony lawyer from the Law Office of Laurence J. Brock will make sure your case is presented in a way that portrays your position in the best light possible. Depending on your case, we’ll ensure either that you do not overpay on spousal support or that your former spouse does not underpay what is owed to you.

Facts You Should Know About Alimony

The first thing your Fontana spousal support lawyer will do is prepare you for how the family court judge will make a decision on alimony in your divorce proceeding. The family courts use a financial disclosure document as a starting point to determine the assets of each party and how they should be divided.

This is a self-disclosure document, so it is important to have your Fontana alimony lawyer help you prepare it. We will also look over all of the documentation submitted by your former spouse—including his or her financial disclosure documents—to make certain he or she has accurately portrayed the finances involved.

Plan for Your Financial Future and Spousal Support

After the divorce is over, you will move on with your life. Typically, this means a loss of income, since most couples share their income and expenses. It is important for you to be able to maintain your lifestyle, which is why you need a Fontana spousal support lawyer to help you with alimony.

Looking forward, you will need to know how to plan your life, which includes making critical financial decisions. When you are going through the initial phases of the divorce, planning appropriately with your family attorney will help you get the right amount of spousal support and secure your future.

Does Spousal Support Last Forever?

A family court will normally set a termination date for spousal support, at which point, the payments will cease. In cases involving long-term marriages—those that lasted ten years or longer—the court may not set a termination date for the alimony.

In either case, it is within your best interests to have a Fontana alimony lawyer from our firm represent you, so that you can receive the termination date that works best for your case. If you are the partner receiving spousal support, we can help you apply for an extension as the termination date draws closer, as well.

Consult with a Fontana Spousal Support Lawyer

For many people who have recently divorced, alimony is essential for their financial well being in the days immediately following the divorce—and sometimes beyond. Don’t gamble with this important issue; retain the services of an experienced Fontana spousal support lawyer to help you receive the financial support you need.

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