June 03, 2020

Fontana Asset and Debt Discovery Divorce Lawyer

If you believe that your spouse is hiding certain assets from you and you are about to divorce, call our office to speak with a Fontana asset and debt discovery divorce lawyer. We can help you uncover the truth about your financial situation prior to divorcing.

Why You Need Accurate Financial Data when Getting Divorced

If your spouse hides assets from you, he or she could receive a fair division of what is presented to the judge and still retain the entirety of any hidden assets. This puts your spouse at an unfair advantage.

Conversely, any debts hidden from you could hurt your credit in the future. A creditor could even come after you for payment of your former spouse’s debt.

It’s important to know what your spouse has been doing financially, and a Fontana asset and debt discovery divorce lawyer can help you determine exactly that.

Income Impacts Child Support and Alimony

A judge will make determinations regarding any potential child support and alimony payments and their duration based on the information provided by both of you.

If your spouse lies about income or assets, it could put you in a compromised position where you are either paying too much or not receiving what you should.

Discovering the Truth

A Fontana asset and debt discovery divorce lawyer can obtain your spouse’s financial data through a thorough legal discovery process. Without experience, you may not consider all of the options available for acquiring information, and some sources may not comply without the presence of an attorney.

This may include requesting your spouse to provide financial data or asking third parties to produce it. For example, we may ask an employer or an investment adviser to provide information.

There are a number of possible ways to discover the truth of your spouse’s financial status:

  • We can make a formal discovery request by filing a motion and serving it to your spouse.
  • If the judge can be convinced that your spouse is withholding information, sanctions can be ordered. Typically, a fine will result if anything is uncovered.

Possible Hidden Assets and Debts

Finance is tricky, and money and assets can be hidden in many different ways. To determine your spouse’s true worth, your Fontana asset and debt discovery divorce lawyer will investigate your spouse’s finances in depth:

  • Income
  • Bank accounts
  • Investment accounts
  • Retirement funds
  • Real estate holdings
  • Business income, assets, and investments
  • Overseas accounts and investments
  • All personal and business debts

Your Future Is on the Line

Having accurate financial data will be critical to ensuring you receive a fair division of assets and debts during the divorce proceedings. You will also need this information in order to avoid any accidental penalties, liabilities, or ramifications associated with the accounts your name and Social Security number may be tied to without your knowledge.

A Fontana asset and debt discovery divorce lawyer from the Law Office of Laurence J. Brock can assist you with your divorce. To schedule a consultation and discover the truth of your spouse’s financial dealings, call us at 909-466-7661.

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