September 29, 2020

Chino Hills Grandparents’ Rights Lawyer 

Grandparents form strong bonds with their grandchildren, and they do have some rights in Chino Hills when it comes to visitation. Talk to a Chino Hills grandparents’ rights attorney about your case to learn about your options.

You adore your grandchildren and have spent years growing a bond with them. For reasons beyond your control, your relationship with your grandchildren has been severed. You’ve tried communicating with your grandchildren’s parents, but your pleas for visitation or custody have so far been ignored. Do you have any rights?

The good news is that grandparents do have some rights in Chino Hills, California. You need to learn what your rights are and whether you have a case. A Chino Hills grandparents’ rights lawyer can help you achieve your goals of reestablishing a relationship with your grandchildren.

What Are Grandparents’ Rights in California?

In general, parents in Chino Hills have the right to make decisions about their children. This right includes cutting off visitation with grandparents if the parents feel it’s in the best interests of their children to do so. But what if they don’t have a good reason for severing the bond between you and your grandchildren? What if they are doing it to spite you?

Do you have any rights when it comes to seeing your grandchildren?

Yes, you do have some rights. There are two main issues that must be worked out when a grandparent is seeking visitation with a grandchild. One, the existence of a relationship between the grandparent and the grandchild must be present. Two, the parents’ rights must be balanced with the grandparents’ rights.

In general, married parents have the right to make decisions regarding visitation with grandparents, but there are some exceptions. For instance, if the parents are living separately, a grandparent might be able to file for visitation. Talk to a Chino Hills family lawyer about what you can do to get visitation.

Can a Lawyer Help You Assert Your Rights?

If you are looking into whether you can get visitation with your grandchildren, you might be wondering whether a Chino Hills grandparents’ rights attorney can help you. 

A lawyer can help you prove your case, which means establishing a bond existed. Also, your lawyer can help to show that the parents are not living together or that there is some other reason you have a right to visitation. A lawyer can guide you through the entire legal process of applying for visitation with your grandchildren.

Make the Call to a Grandparents’ Rights Lawyer in Chino Hills

Get in touch with a Chino Hills lawyer who can help you understand your rights. They can help you collect needed evidence to prove your case. Hopefully, you will finally be able to see your grandchildren again.

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