September 27, 2020

Family Lawyer Chino Hills

As a family lawyer in Chino Hills, Laurence J. Brock can help you to get divorced in a way that is far less complicated than it would be when divorcing on your own. The reason is quite simple: the laws are complicated and so are the procedures you need to follow. Divorcing is not as simple as going before a judge and saying you want a divorce. You need to fill out specific forms, disclose all your assets and debts, create a plan for custody, and more. This can be incredibly overwhelming when handling your own divorce. However, a family attorney can take you through the process with relative ease. If you are getting divorced, you should call a family lawyer in Chino Hills.

Understanding the Process of Getting a Divorce

Once you hire a divorce lawyer, you will have a set of paperwork that must be completed. This includes disclosures where you list out how much money you and your spouse make, any investments you have, checking and savings accounts, retirement funds, etc. You will also need to disclose all your debts, both secured and unsecured. It is necessary to be as thorough as possible by listing the financial institution, account numbers, amounts, etc. You will also need to complete paperwork that lists out the personal information for everyone in your family, including birth dates and social security numbers. This paperwork is for informational purposes and used by the judge.

Before filing, you will need to complete additional paperwork for what you want the custody situation to be like and how you think your assets and debts should be divided. Next, the divorce papers will need to be officially served to your spouse.

A Family Lawyer in Chino Hills Can Prepare You for Court

An attorney will request a court date for your divorce case to be heard. If you cannot reach resolution through pre-trial negotiations, your case will proceed and be heard by a judge. This is where your attorney and your spouse’s will make arguments for why your proposal is fair and in the best interest of the children. In most cases, both parties take the stand, which can be fairly intimidating. Fortunately, your attorney can help prepare you for this eventuality.

Protecting Your Future Begins With Hiring a Family Lawyer in Chino Hills

The best way to protect yourself, your children, your property, and your assets is to hire an experienced family attorney. The outcome of your divorce will influence how much money you are left with, what you have to spend on a monthly basis, where you live, and how often you get to see your children. It should not be taken lightly but prepared for in the most serious way possible.

Speaking With a Family Lawyer in Chino Hills Is Easy

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