September 29, 2020

Chino Hills Father’s Rights Lawyer 

If you’re a father in Chino Hills, you may be wondering what your rights are. Learn your rights and work to assert them with help from a Chino Hills father’s rights attorney at The Law Office of Laurence J. Brock.

Fathers in Chino Hills have the same rights as mothers. All parents in California have equal rights related to child custody, visitation, child support, and the right to make decisions regarding the health and welfare of their children. Although you have these rights, circumstances can affect whether you get them taken away.

For instance, if a father proves to be a danger to his children, he could lose the right to custody of his children—at least for a while. Family courts in Chino Hills can decide on issues pertaining to custody, visitation, support, and more. You might need help from a Chino Hills father’s rights lawyer to make sure your rights aren’t violated.

Do You Know Your Chino Hills Father’s Rights?

All fathers have rights, and it’s important you know yours. Your Chino Hills family lawyer can help you understand your rights and protect them from being violated. Below are some of the rights a father has in Chino Hills, California. 

  • The right to custody and visitation
  • The right to prove parentage
  • The right to make decisions regarding a child’s welfare, life happiness, and health
  • The duty to provide financially for their child
  • The duty to provide love and support

Understanding the Role of Family Court

If you’re looking for a father’s rights lawyer in Chino Hills, it’s probably because you are dealing with a legal issue related to your children. 

For instance, you might be in the middle of a custody fight, and you want to know your rights. Maybe the mother of the child you always believed was yours is telling you the child is not yours after all. You have the right to look into whether you really are the child’s father.

Family court does play a role because you may need them to make a decision on your case. For example, if the mother of your child is refusing to allow you to see your child, you must take your case to court to get visitation or custody. The court can look at both sides and make a determination.

Your lawyer’s job is to support you during this legal process, help you understand what steps to take, and fight for you in court.

Contact a Father’s Rights Attorney in Chino Hills, California

Get in touch with a lawyer if you have a case related to your rights as a father. Legal issues are stressful, but you deserve to be a part of your child’s life. If your rights are being trampled, a lawyer can help you correct the situation.

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