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Should I File for Divorce by Myself?

Filing for divorce is never a pleasant experience, and you likely feel like you’re on something akin to an emotional rollercoaster. When considering divorce you should consider the reasons you’re doing so and do your research into how best to proceed. 

Though filing for divorce without legal aid may feel symbolic of empowerment and autonomy, the truth is that you may need the representation and advice that comes with partnering with a lawyer in order to reach an amicable settlement. Divorce proceedings can be complex and lengthy, and there’s no shame in seeking support to achieve the outcome you’re after. 

Below we’ll look at what exactly a divorce lawyer can do for you and how the typical divorce case unfolds. 

What Does a Divorce Lawyer Do?

A divorce lawyer’s ultimate purpose is to aid you in the termination of a marriage or marital union between two people. Divorce lawyers typically specialize in family law and will assist you in drafting the legal papers, commonly referred to as divorce papers, that will eventually be presented to a judge. You and your attorney will need to discuss the reasoning behind your filing in order to file for the divorce in accordance with legal frameworks, selecting the applicable grounds for your filing and justifying them where necessary. 

Your lawyer will act on your behalf as a facilitator and consult with the opposing party’s representation regarding any disagreements or opposition to the filing you’re making. 

Though you have every right to represent yourself in such cases, it’s not always in your best interests to do so. Divorce cases can be lengthy, and the emotional burden they place on participants is considerable. 

More turbulent cases will often see disputes arise between parties over factors such as finances, childcare, and assets, the outcome of which can have a massive impact on your day-to-day life. A divorce lawyer is obligated to represent you to the best of their ability, fighting your corner to help you reach an agreement that’s acceptable to you. 

A reliable attorney can make all the difference in ensuring that the eventual settlement doesn’t damage you unjustly, and will represent your case with the benefit of extensive experience in the field.

How Do Divorce Settlements Work? 

The Californian courts recommend you hire a lawyer before beginning with proceedings, even if you believe things are likely to proceed amicably. In most cases, divorce affects many parties outside of you and your spouse, such as your respective families, any children you share, and those in the social circles you mix in. 

A divorce can be settled either in or out of court, depending on the circumstances and the extent to which you and your spouse are able to agree on terms. A divorce settlement is an agreement drawn up between both parties, and outlines the terms on which you agree to end your marriage. 

Within the settlement will be agreements on the division of assets, money, spousal maintenance payments, property division, custody agreements, and child support payments, all of which it’s important you both strive to reach a fair agreement on. 

Mediation may prove helpful in settling any disagreements on these matters, and once you and your lawyer are able to reach an acceptable agreement with the opposing party it can be made legally binding in the eyes of the law. 

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