May 24, 2020

San Bernardino Asset and Debt Discovery Divorce Lawyer

Your and your spouse’s assets and debts are divided during a divorce proceeding. In the event your spouse is hiding assets from you, doing so will put him or her at an unfair advantage, allowing your spouse to take more than is fair.

Hidden debts can also create issues for you as they may affect your credit in the future. Any debts your spouse accrued while your credit histories were shared could wind up being your responsibility down the road.

A San Bernardino asset and debt discovery divorce lawyer can help you gain a firm understanding of what assets and debts your spouse has accumulated during the marriage. If you feel you are receiving less than accurate information, call our office.

Signs Your Financial Information May Be Incomplete

It’s not always easy to tell when finances have been obscured. However, there are several signs that could indicate your spouse is not being fully forthcoming:

  • You do not have access to your bank accounts or statements
  • Your spouse is not providing copies of your tax returns
  • You are unsure what investments have been made during your marriage or where they may be
  • You have debts you were unaware of or are afraid your spouse may have taken out loans or credit cards without telling you
  • Your spouse owns a business or has real estate investments

Legal Help Requesting the Production of Evidence

Regardless of why you feel you are not receiving accurate information, your San Bernardino asset and debt discovery divorce lawyer can file a motion for discovery that requires your spouse to produce financial data.

We can also request the production of evidence through the subpoena process from your bank, accountant, spouse’s employer, and anyone else with financial ties to your spouse.

Business Records Must Be Produced

If your spouse owns a business, we may need to file a Deposition Subpoena for Production of Business Records. This can also be served on the business’ accountant and bookkeeper in order to compel them to produce financial documentation.

The full value of the business needs to be taken into account in the final divorce settlement. Depending on how successful the business has been, it may be a substantial asset or a significant debt, so you need to make certain it is accounted for correctly.

Options if Your Spouse Does Not Provide Documents

Simply asking for financial documents does not provide you with recourse if your spouse fails to produce them. It is always better to go through the legal process and have your San Bernardino asset and debt discovery divorce lawyer file a discovery motion on your behalf.

Your spouse will then be required to produce all financial documentation in his or her possession. If the documentation is still not forthcoming, a judge may impose sanctions on your spouse.

Child Support and Alimony

The income of both parties is used when calculating child support payments and alimony, if applicable. Not having accurate income data can hurt you if your spouse reports an inaccurate number.

Depending on the situation, you may receive less alimony and child support than you should, or you might have to pay out more in alimony and child support than would have been justified if accurate data had been presented.

Get Help Uncovering the Truth

The Law Office of Laurence J. Brock can assist you throughout your divorce and help you discover any debts and assets that may have been hidden from you. Call us at 909-466-7661 to speak with a San Bernardino asset and debt discovery divorce lawyer and begin the investigation that will ensure a fair divorce settlement.

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