September 29, 2020

Riverside Annulment Lawyer 

If you are trying to figure out whether you are eligible for an annulment of your marriage, talk to a Riverside annulment attorney at The Law Office of Laurence J. Brock.

There are a few different ways to end a marriage in Riverside, California. You can get a summary dissolution, a divorce, or an annulment. Some of these methods for dissolving a marriage are available only under certain circumstances. For example, you might be eligible for an annulment of your marriage, but you must meet certain criteria.

Why get an annulment? What’s the difference between an annulment and a divorce? The main difference is that with an annulment, it will be like the marriage never took place. With a divorce, the marriage is not erased. It is simply ended.

Some people have good reasons for wanting an annulment. Reach out to a Riverside annulment lawyer to learn whether you meet the eligibility criteria.

Eligibility Requirements for a Riverside Annulment

The best way to learn whether you’re eligible for an annulment in Riverside is to talk to an annulment lawyer. They will know the requirements and any exceptions. Here are the basic requirements for getting an annulment in California:

  • If the marriage is incestuous (meaning close blood relatives), an annulment is possible.
  • If one of the people in the marriage was already married, the marriage could be annulled or found to be invalid.
  • When one of the parties in the marriage is found to have been under the age of eighteen at the time of the marriage, the marriage could be deemed invalid.
  • If one of the parties in the marriage is found to have been of unsound mind at the time of the marriage, it could be invalidated.
  • If the marriage occurred because of force, it could be nullified.
  • When the marriage came about due to fraud, the court could grant an annulment. For instance, if one party was using marriage as a way to get a green card, the other party could request an annulment.
  • Finally, when the marriage is not consummated due to physical limitations, the marriage could be annulled. 

Why Get a Riverside Annulment Instead of a Divorce?

The main reason people want an annulment instead of a divorce is because they want the marriage to be deemed legally invalid. They want that record to be erased. People may have different reasons for doing this. Whatever your reasons are for wanting an annulment, get help with the process from a Riverside annulment attorney.

Speak to an Annulment Lawyer in Riverside, California

Sometimes, an annulment is preferable to a divorce. If you were forced into a marriage, for instance, you might want all record of that forced marriage struck from the record and from your life.

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