May 24, 2020

How Long Does It Take to Finalize a Divorce?

One of the top questions that most people have when they’ve reached the decision to divorce is how long it takes to finalize a divorce in California. You may want the answer for many different reasons, but the main reason is because the sooner the divorce process is settled, the sooner life can go back to “normal.”

Being in the middle of an uncomfortable situation is not fun, so it’s no surprise that you want things to be over as quickly as possible. Here’s a look at the divorce process, how long it usually takes, and what could make a divorce take longer.

The Divorce Process in California

The divorce process begins when one of the spouses files a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage or Domestic Partnership form with the court. Be sure to file your case in the right county. There are many other forms that will need to be completed, but this form will start your divorce proceedings.

The other spouse must be served with the court papers so that they are aware of the hearing date and have an opportunity to respond. If they don’t wish to contest the divorce, the judge can make a decision on the case quickly and sign to end the marriage. If there are marital issues to be resolved, however, then this process can take longer.

The Mandatory Time Frame for Divorce

Once the judge signs off on the divorce, you must wait the statutory minimum waiting period of six months before your divorce can be finalized. This is the shortest time frame for a divorce in California and assumes there are no areas of contention.

What Could Make the Divorce Process Take Longer?

Any disputes can make a divorce take much longer than six months. Common divorce issues pertain to child custody, spousal payments, child support payments, and division of debt and property.

Need Help? Contact a Family Lawyer Before It’s Too Late!

So again, how long does it take to finalize a divorce? It will take a minimum of six months but can take longer if disputes aren’t resolved quickly.

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