August 12, 2020

High Net Worth Divorce in California

When a divorcing couple has significant property and assets, there can be some concern over how these things can be fairly divided.

Additionally, couples don’t always agree on the value of certain property, particularly intellectual property and the value of businesses, and this can lead to issues when trying to fairly split property and assets during a divorce.

When you are going through a high net worth divorce in California, it’s important to have a family divorce attorney with experience in handling divorces where the division of property is complex.

How Can Property Be Divided?

There are many ways to fairly divide property of significant value. If a couple has equal control of a business, for example, you can hire an expert to go through and do a thorough assessment of the business and then place a monetary value on it. One of the spouses can then buy the other spouse out, or another arrangement can be reached.

The same can be said for other high-value items, such as stocks, homes, real estate, and intellectual property. Things will need to be evenly distributed so that both parties are receiving a roughly equal division of all property.

With regard to child support and alimony payments, the couple’s predivorce lifestyle will need to be considered. The court will want all the couple’s income to be evenly split, including support payments, until both parties are financially self-sufficient.

Get Help from a High Net Worth Divorce Attorney

There’s no question that high net worth divorce in California is more complex than other divorce cases in the state. These issues can be resolved, though. The process will be much easier on you when you partner with a divorce attorney who fully understands that fair distribution of property and assets is of paramount importance.

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