October 21, 2020

California Grounds for Divorce

The California grounds for divorce are actually very simple. After years of courtrooms being clogged up as judges tried to decide whether or not couples should divorce, the California lawmakers decided that it was really up to the couples, even if one party didn’t want the divorce.

It is enough that one of the two people involved want it, and the grounds for proof of an actual need for it are pretty simple.

The fact is that in the past, two people had to prove that there was some extreme situation involved that meant they should be allowed to get a divorce, forcing at least one person to remain married for their entire lives against their will.

Today, the courts prefer to take a less active role in personal relationships.

Irreconcilable Differences

The law involves many complicated terms to describe simple things. That’s because these terms have specific meanings that don’t leave a lot of room for manipulation. It’s also just one of the many reasons it’s imperative that you consult with a qualified divorce lawyer in order to navigate what can be extremely complex elements of the law.

In divorces, the term “irreconcilable differences” is used to describe a situation where a couple simply can’t get along anymore or don’t have enough in common to maintain a marital status.

It doesn’t place blame on anyone, but simply says “this isn’t working” in legal terms. Irreconcilable differences can sum up the grounds for divorce in a number of ways, regardless of whether or not someone else is responsible for causing the marriage to end.

Insanity in Divorces

Another reason considered grounds for divorce in California is if of the parties in the marriage has gone insane. The term is legitimate and does not refer to odd behavior or a change in the way of doing things, even if they do seem insane.

Instead, it is a clinical term used to describe someone who has lost use of his or her logic and reason within their mental faculties. In short, the person has become someone who is not the person that you originally married, or possible was someone who may have been clinically insane before the marriage, but was able to hide the disability.

In any event, a professional diagnosis of insanity is considered a legal and solid reason for divorce.

However, establishing this as grounds for the divorce requires the assistance of not just a qualified divorce attorney but other professionals as well.

Default Divorce

Grounds for divorce in California are simple enough to avoid hashing things out in the courtroom.

Sometimes, both parties are not in agreement that these grounds exist. In such cases, the court may order a divorce by default rather than drawing out the process out waiting for both parties to come to an agreement.

Because of default divorces, you also don’t have to remain married simply because the other party refuses to acknowledge or participate in the divorce.

California Grounds for Divorce – See if you Qualify

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