September 29, 2020

Can the Same Lawyer Represent Both Parties in a Divorce?

When you’ve made the tough call that divorce is in the cards for you, you will likely have many questions. One of the questions you may be wondering about is: Can the same lawyer represent both parties in a divorce?

The answer is no. One lawyer can’t represent both parties in a divorce. It wouldn’t be right for several reasons. Outlined below are some of the reasons this would not work and would not be fair.

Why a Lawyer Shouldn’t Represent Both Parties in a Divorce

The most obvious reason that a lawyer should not represent both sides in a divorce case is because of conflicting interests. You can’t represent one person’s interests well if you’re worried about the other party’s. How can you work to get one person more custody of their kids if the other party also wants custody of the kids?

If both parties in the divorce want the grandfather clock, which client do you help get it? 

It’s just not feasible for a lawyer to represent both sides. However, your lawyer can certainly help you deal with the other party. Your attorney can help you see the other person’s viewpoint or help you reach out to make mediation arrangements

Your lawyer can help get your divorce case resolved, and sometimes that might involve communicating with the other person. But, your lawyer should not represent the person you’re divorcing—it’s simply not done.

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