June 03, 2020

Pomona Asset and Debt Discovery Divorce Lawyer

When filing for divorce, it is critical that you have all of the financial information for both yourself and your spouse. As a judge will make determinations regarding child support, alimony, and the division of assets and debts based on what is provided, if any information is withheld, it could result in an unfair settlement.

It is not uncommon for people to hide certain assets or debts during a divorce case. A Pomona asset and debt discovery divorce lawyer can help you uncover them so that you have accurate financial information prior to divorcing.

You Need All the Financial Information Possible

Going into a divorce proceeding without all of both your and your spouse’s financial information can put you at a significant disadvantage. Hidden finances could cause you to receive less spousal support than you should—or have to pay more to your spouse.

Conversely, hidden debts could come back to haunt you later. Your former spouse’s creditors may attempt to collect the debt from you as your name and information will also be linked to these accounts.

Steps to Take Prior to Filing for Divorce

If you are planning to separate from your spouse, you can take steps to protect yourself financially:

  • Make copies of your tax returns from the last three years. If you do not have them, call your family accountant and ask for a copy.
  • Log in to your online banking accounts and print two to three years’ worth of statements for each account.
  • Get three years’ worth of statements for all of your investment accounts.
  • Copy any legal documents pertaining to rental properties, investments you have made, and any other financial ventures.
  • Make copies of all of your debt statements, even if there is a zero balance.

Place everything in a folder and bring it to your Pomona asset and debt discovery divorce lawyer for safekeeping and inclusion in your eventual divorce filing. This will place you at an advantage by ensuring you have the information you need in the event that your spouse denies you access after filing.

Uncovering the Truth

Your Pomona asset and debt discovery divorce lawyer can file a discovery motion that legally requires your spouse to produce information pertaining to all assets and debts.

By serving your spouse with this request for discovery, he or she is put into a situation where obscuring or failing to disclose information will result in sanctions being levelled against him or her by the judge.

Assets Could Be Hiding in the Business

If your spouse has a business, assets could be hidden there. You could be entitled to a portion of the actual business, its value, and any of its assets.

In order to gather detailed financial information regarding your spouse’s business, we may need to file a Subpoena for Production of Business Records. Working with a Pomona asset and debt discovery divorce lawyer is the most efficient way to uncover business-related debts and assets.

Consult a Pomona Asset and Debt Discovery Divorce Lawyer

We can use the legal process to compel your spouse to provide financial information. We can also request similar information from your investment adviser, accountant, bank, your spouse’s employer, and anyone else with financial ties.

This will help us to gather the full financial picture necessary to ensuring a fair and equitable divorce settlement for both parties. The Law Office of Laurence J. Brock can demystify your spouse’s financial status for you, so call us at 909-466-7661

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