September 29, 2020

Inland Empire Annulment Lawyer 

An annulment could be right for you, depending on the details of your marriage or domestic partnership. An annulment lawyer in Inland Empire can help you understand your options. 

Many couples end their marriages or domestic partnerships. The U.S. divorce rate shows divorce is common. Sometimes, however, couples have just cause to erase their marriages completely from the books. In these cases, annulment is a good option. Talk to an Inland Empire annulment lawyer about your situation.

Who Can Get an Annulment in Inland Empire?

Annulment is the legal invalidation of your marriage. It strikes your marriage from the record so that legally, it never happened. 

Divorces are much more common and easier than annulments. That’s why many people without a religious or other reason for an annulment just file for divorce

The state of California has clear requirements for annulment. If one of the following applies to your marriage or domestic partnership, you may request an annulment:

  • Incest or bigamy — These two are automatic non-starters. Blood relatives can’t marry. And an existing marriage prevents additional ones in California. 
  • Age — If you were a minor when you got married, you can request annulment within four years of becoming a legal adult. 
  • Fraud or force — If one of the parties was coerced or deceived, they can request an annulment. 
  • Unsound mind — If one of the parties was not of sound mind when they were married and unable to understand the nature of marriage, they may seek an annulment. 
  • Physical incapacity — If one of the parties has a permanent and ongoing inability to consummate the marriage, it may be annulled. 

The person requesting the annulment must prove that one or more of the conditions applied at the time of marriage. 

Time Constraints for Requesting an Annulment in California

California annulments are subject to the time limits set by the state’s statute of limitations. Depending on which reason you are using, you may only have a few years to request annulment. 

For example, claiming fraud or force gives you only four years. The unsound mind argument can be employed at any point in time as long but both parties are still alive. 

An annulment lawyer in Inland Empire can help you file your annulment on time. 

Getting a Court to Order an Annulment in California

The process of filing forms and serving papers to your spouse is similar to the divorce process. At some point, you must convince a judge you have grounds for legal annulment of your marriage. 

Annulment can have a major impact on things like paternity rights, alimony, and the sharing of property or debts. That’s why many people in Inland Empire wanting an annulment work with an experienced annulment lawyer. 

Contact an Annulment Lawyer in Inland Empire

It’s already tough enough dealing with the emotional aspects of annulment. An experienced Inland Empire annulment lawyer can help with the rest. The trusted Inland Empire lawyers at The Law Office of Laurence J. Brock can help fight for the best possible outcome for your annulment. 

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