How to Get Sole Custody in California 

Child custody battles often go hand-in-hand with divorce proceedings. When a couple has reached the breaking point, the children are often pulled between their two parents like the rope in a game of tug of war. Both parents want to win custody of the kids, but they sometimes forget to think about what’s best for the children.

If you are wondering how to get custody of your children, you probably have good reason for wanting sole custody. Perhaps the marriage contained issues of domestic violence. Perhaps the other parent is not working or is abusing drugs or other substances. Whatever your reason for wanting sole custody, here are some tips on how to get it.

Getting Sole Custody in California

For starters, you need to begin compiling evidence. Evidence is the most important thing you should be focused on. You can’t win sole custody without proving to the court you deserve it and that the other parent is not a fit parent.

The court begins with the belief that both parents should be in the children’s lives. They only take away custody from a parent if there are extremely good reasons for doing so.

  • Do you have evidence that the other parent is not working?
  • Do you have evidence that the other parent struggles with substance abuse issues?
  • Is there evidence of domestic abuse against the children?
  • Are you able to prove that the other parent was not a strong parent or caregiver?
  • Can you point to tangible incidents in which the children suffered because of the other parent’s actions?

The more evidence you collect, the easier it will be to win sole custody of the kids. Keep in mind that child custody is fluid. Just because you win sole custody doesn’t mean you win custody forever. If the other parent is able to get their life put together, they might be awarded visitation that could lead to a shared custody arrangement.

How a Lawyer Can Help

You want your kids to be safe and protected, and you believe that getting sole custody will help achieve your goals. You might need help getting the sole custody you’re after.

A family lawyer can help you gather evidence and help you to know what type of evidence to collect. They can argue your case during hearings and other court proceedings. Your lawyer can be an advocate for you and your kids.

Contact a Child Custody Lawyer in California

Shared parenting is much more common today after divorce. However, if you believe you’re entitled to sole custody of your kids, a California child custody lawyer could help you get what you’re after. You want what’s best for your kids and so do we. We know the laws and can guide you through the process of applying for sole custody.

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