September 29, 2020

Fontana Spousal Support Lawyer

Divorces can get messy, especially when spousal support is involved. Protect your interests with help from a spousal support lawyer in Fontana.

When marriages end, one of the most commonly disputed subjects is finances. Maybe you’re an ex-spouse seeking financial support. Or maybe you’re being asked to pay it. A Fontana spousal support lawyer can examine your case to make sure you’re getting a deal that makes sense for you. 

How Does Spousal Support Work in Fontana? 

Sometimes, when a marriage or domestic partnership ends in California, a court may ask one ex-spouse to regularly pay the other a predetermined amount of money. This is known as alimony, or spousal support. 

Spousal support isn’t granted in all cases. In fact, most divorces don’t involve it. When making the decision to award spousal support, the court will consider several factors. These include: 

  • The length of the marriage — In longer marriages, an ex-spouse generally has a higher chance of being awarded spousal support following a divorce. 
  • The age and health of each person — Things like being retired or having a medical condition can impact the decision to grant spousal support. 
  • Standard of living during the marriage — The needs of each person could be based on the standard of living they experienced during their marriage
  • Children, and whether one partner was caretaker — If one spouse sacrificed career opportunities to stay home, for example, this may be taken into consideration. 

These factors may also be considered by a judge when deciding on the amount of spousal support an ex-spouse is due. 

How Long Does Spousal Support Last in California?

There are many factors that determine the length of spousal support payments. One is the length of the marriage. If a marriage lasted less than ten years, it is considered a short-term marriage. In general, in these cases, spousal support isn’t offered for more than half the length of time the marriage lasted. 

In cases of longer marriages, spousal support payments may last longer. However, there is no expectation that an ex-spouse will receive alimony for life. 

Retirement is one thing that can potentially end alimony pay. A paying spouse can retire at age 65. Typically, they don’t have to keep paying support at that time.

Some other things that could end spousal support include:

  • Remarriage
  • Gainful employment
  • Economic hardships of the paying ex-spouse

Coming to an Agreement on Spousal Support in Fontana

Sometimes, former couples can agree on spousal support outside of court. This is called stipulation. It could be an option for former partners who can work with a mediator to strike a fair deal. 

Whether you’re requesting alimony or potentially paying it, a spousal support lawyer in Fontana can review the unique facts of your case. They’ll make sure you’re getting the best deal for you. 

Contact a Spousal Support Lawyer in Fontana

When you’re paying or requesting spousal support, it’s a good idea to have a divorce lawyer or family lawyer look over the terms. You could be paying more than what’s really owed, or receiving too little. Whatever the case, The Law Office of Laurence J. Brock has spousal support lawyers who can look out for your best interests. 

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