June 03, 2020

Fontana Establishment of Paternity Divorce Lawyer

Establishing paternity is an important first step toward claiming your legal rights as a parent.

It could be that you want to establish your paternity so that you can exercise your visitation rights and spend time with your child. Conversely, you may need to establish that you are not a child’s parent so that you don’t have to pay child support you shouldn’t be responsible for.

Retaining the services of a Fontana establishment of paternity divorce lawyer can help you establish legal parentage and work toward your goals.

Establishing Parentage

In California, parentage can be established through filing a Declaration of Paternity that is signed by both parents. In cases where a couple is not married but otherwise together, this process can be quick and simple. In fact, you can complete the form while still at the hospital after the child’s birth.

Most people are not aware that this form is required. Many fathers are later shocked to discover they do not have legal rights as a parent after separating from the mother. In situations like these, it is wise to work with a Fontana establishment of paternity divorce lawyer to establish parentage.

Establishing Your Paternity

If the mother is unwilling to sign the Declaration of Paternity, you may need to go to court and request a hearing compelling her to comply.

In situations where there is a dispute over whether or not a person is the child’s biological father, genetic testing may be required in order to complete this process.

Right to Visitation

Establishing parentage gives you the right to sue for custody or child visitation. Once you are the established father of a child, the mother cannot simply deny you visitation rights.

This is important because if the two of you are unmarried and separate, you could be denied access to your own child. However, if you are legally recognized by the state as the father, then your right to sue for visitation should stand.

These situations often wind up in court, so retaining a Fontana establishment of paternity divorce lawyer early in the process is always your best course of action.

Legal Obligations After Establishing Parentage

Once parentage is established, you will have financial obligations to the child. In California, that means that you could be responsible for paying child support, a portion of the child’s medical care, and for other financial needs that the child may have.

Sometimes issues like child support payments are determined at the same time as a hearing to establish parentage. In other cases, they may be decided in a separate hearing at a later date.

When You’re Not the Father

Sometimes you need to establish that you are not the father of a child when the mother claims you are and is demanding child support.

In this situation, your Fontana establishment of paternity divorce lawyer can help you establish parentage so that the right father is held responsible for child support. In most cases, the husband will be the presumed father otherwise.

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