Family Law is More Than Just Divorce in the Inland Empire

A family law practice involves more than “just divorce”. Family law covers a broad range of issues from domestic abuse to paternity, child support, and distribution of property, to whether you qualify under California divorce laws or common law rules. No one really wants to go see a lawyer. Nevertheless, when dealing with any of the myriad situations that can crop up in any divorce or child support issue, it’s important to go to those who have the most experience. That’s where your divorce lawyer Rancho Cucamonga can provide invaluable advice, guidance, and support.

Family Law in Rancho Cucamonga Runs a Gamut of Different Situations

Family law today can be incredibly complicated and involves much more than just divorce processes. Marriage laws, including the rights of same-sex couples, domestic partnerships, emancipation of minors, cohabitation, parental rights and liability, and surrogacy are just a few of the types of cases that Laurence J. Brock, a divorce lawyer based in Rancho Cucamonga, is involved in on a weekly basis.

Going through a separation or divorce is hard enough. Do you really want to add to the stress by trying to understand questions regarding rights, responsibilities, obligations, and of course, dozens of California Family Court rules in regard to filing paperwork and court procedures?

Do you know what you have to do to establish or challenge paternity in California? What about the child emancipation process? What are your rights as a guardian or a foster family dealing with charges of abuse?

These are just a few of the issues that the Brock Law Firm deals with as a well-known and respected divorce lawyer in the Inland Empire community of Rancho Cucamonga. Laurence J. Brock has earned the reputation for not only having handled hundreds of family law cases but in providing compassionate and supportive advice that guides clients through the process, minimizing stress as much as possible.

No one wants to have to see a lawyer, but there are times when you realize you just can’t go it alone. With the experience of over 1,000 difficult family law cases under his belt, Brock provides timely advice, guidance, and support through every aspect of your case – including all the forms and documents you may need.

Staying Up to Date Regarding New Forms and Paperwork

Two new judicial forms in regard to family law include a request for special immigrant juvenile findings, while another new form under the umbrella of domestic violence deals with supervised visitation and exchange orders in California courts.  A number of additional new forms and revisions under guardianships and conservatorships have also been introduced, as have a number of forms under juvenile law categories including custody orders, visitation orders,  and juvenile dependency petitions, just to name a few.

Don’t leave your case to chance. Seek the advice and services of someone experienced in family law. Visit the divorce lawyer Rancho Cucamonga for additional information and share this post to let family and friends know about the law firm’s free initial consultation.

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