Common Reasons People Divorce

People divorce for various reasons, and it may not be anyone’s fault. Sometimes, major life events can lead to divorce. It could be that your goals and interests aren’t aligned. Or it could be that your spouse did something that you can’t forgive.

There are several common reasons people get divorced. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Different Love Languages

Some people express intimacy in different ways, and it may be that, over time, you find your needs aren’t being met by the way your spouse expresses love and intimacy. Some people are more touchy-feely than others.

A marriage can fail if a couple can’t find ways to connect that work for both parties.

Issues with Finances

Unfortunately, one of the biggest stressors in life is money. Even though they may not be either spouse’s fault, financial issues can lead to a lot of conflict in a marriage.

Some people can learn to resolve these financial issues by communicating financial goals and expectations and committing to agreements about spending and saving. If the couple is unable to resolve financial conflicts, the marriage can quickly sour.

Communication Problems

All couples have disagreements, and no two people can live in close proximity without arguing on occasion. However, how you communicate and attempt to resolve conflict can determine the length of your marriage.

Couples who learn how to communicate their needs and problems and try to work together to find solutions can make their marriage succeed.

Major Differences in Beliefs or Goals

Sometimes, it’s no one’s fault when a marriage ends. It’s possible to grow apart or have belief systems that aren’t aligned. Career and life goals can also cause conflict in an otherwise successful marriage.

For example, if you decide that it’s your life goal to live in Europe, but your spouse has a debilitating fear of flying, your goals are likely at odds. Conflicts like this can be difficult to overcome.

When two people’s family, career, and life goals aren’t in sync, the marriage could dissolve—unless one party makes huge sacrifices for the other, which may not be fair to that person anyway.

Becoming Lost in Family Life and Forgetting Each Other

A common reason couples get divorced is the slow development of a disconnect in what was once a strong relationship.

Especially in a marriage with children, spouses can forget to care for each other because they’re so busy caring for the children or the family as a whole. This can lead to loneliness or a lack of intimacy. And these issues can easily end in divorce.

Reach Out to a Rancho Cucamonga Divorce Lawyer

When you’ve decided that divorce is the right decision for you and your family, it may be time to get legal help. Whatever the reason your marriage isn’t working, it’s now time to put your needs and those of your children first.

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