August 12, 2020

Claremont Spousal Support Lawyer

As a Claremont spousal support lawyer, I regularly work with clients who are either seeking spousal support or looking to minimize how much spousal support they may be required to pay.

In California, spousal support, or alimony, is often part of the divorce proceedings and can even be awarded to a domestic partner. Whether spousal support is awarded as part of a divorce is entirely up to the judge, as is the amount that is determined to be paid and its duration.

The Process

In the state of California, no one can be compelled to pay spousal support without first going through the court process. If you are legally separated or getting a divorce, spousal support may be included in the proceedings.

In this case, any support awarded while the divorce or separation is being finalized would be temporary. Once the divorce is final, it would move to permanent or long-term spousal support based on the amount set by the judge at that time.

As part of the ruling, the judge will also determine how long the support needs to be paid for. Unless a couple is divorcing around the time they reach retirement age, it is unlikely that the support will be indefinite.

Knowing how to argue for a fair spousal support amount and duration can be difficult, so retaining a Claremont spousal support lawyer throughout these proceedings can be to your benefit.

Factors Considered when Determining the Duration of Support

The judge will consider a number of factors when deciding how long the spousal support should continue:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Age of both spouses
  • Age of the children and whether one spouse is caring for them
  • Time necessary for a spouse to retrain or go back to school and re-enter the workforce

Ultimately, it will be up to the judge to determine what amount of time should be considered reasonable for paying or receiving spousal support.

As your Claremont spousal support lawyer, my job is to gather evidence and documentation that can be used to create a sound case for why spousal support should be awarded in the interest of my client, including how long it is awarded for.

Divorce After Supporting Your Spouse During School

If one spouse supported the other while he or she was going to school and receiving an advanced education, it is likely that spousal support may be awarded.

For example, if one spouse made sacrifices in order to put the other through medical school—only to divorce a year after graduation and residency—it is likely that a judge will look upon that situation and deem it fair for spousal support to be awarded to the formerly supporting spouse.

This can be applied to any situation where one spouse supported the other financially so he or she could advance a career and income-earning potential. In this situation, you would need to work with a Claremont spousal support lawyer while gathering whatever evidence you have to demonstrate the relationship and how it specifically benefited your spouse.

Requesting a Change in Spousal Support

If you are already divorced and need to have the spousal support you pay changed, there must be a clear need to do so, since you will have to go back before a judge.

Your request could be due to job loss, health problems, or some other financially draining life event. Regardless, a Claremont spousal support lawyer can let you know whether a judge is likely to grant your change request and discuss the next steps with you.

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