September 30, 2020

Family Lawyer in Claremont

One of the most difficult things a family can deal with is a divorce. It is emotionally straining and legally complex. Fortunately, working with a family lawyer in Claremont can help make the process easier as you work with an advocate whose job is to protect your rights. As a family lawyer in Claremont, we can make getting a divorce much easier.

A Family Lawyer in Claremont Can Help You with the Paperwork

The paperwork you fill out as part of the divorce process are not simply forms. Everything you disclose or fail to disclose can be used in court. The information you provide needs to be accurate and complete. Otherwise, you could face unexpected questions related to your credibility or willingness to be forthcoming. Even innocent mistakes could create unnecessary challenges during the divorce process. An attorney can walk you through the process of completing everything, so your documents are prepared correctly.

You Can Negotiate With Help From a Family Lawyer in Claremont

You may not need to fight over every detail in family court. Instead, you and your spouse may be able to agree on how to distribute some of your assets, household furniture, personal belongings, and even your retirement accounts. It is possible to mediate so the things you can agree on are taken off the agenda for your court case. If you mediate, you will still be represented by your family attorney, meaning your rights will still be protected and whatever you do not agree on can still be sorted with help from a judge.

Prepare for Various Custody Outcomes by Working With a Family Lawyer in Claremont

There is no set custody arrangement that everyone falls into. Instead, your children will likely spend time with both parents in some sort of shared custody arrangement. This is not always the case, but whenever possible, the court tries to preserve the relationship the children have with both parents. With that in mind, a family lawyer in Claremont can help you determine what your ideal custody arrangement is and to prepare for what the court may accept.

Protect Your Financial Future by Working With a Family Attorney

When getting a divorce, it is critical that you take steps to protect your assets. This includes what you have in your checking, savings, and retirement accounts, along with what your current and future earnings will be. For example, how much you pay or receive in child support will be determined as part of this process, along with whether or not spousal support is ordered. Working with an attorney is your best option for protecting yourself and your financial future.

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