September 29, 2020

Claremont Annulment Lawyer

The end of a marriage or a legal domestic partnership can be different for everyone. Some separating couples have their reasons for pursuing an annulment over a divorce. For help with an annulment, reach out to a Claremont lawyer now. 

Getting an annulment can be tricky. But California has clear requirements to determine if you qualify. Unsure about your options? A Claremont annulment lawyer can help. 

Considerations for Your Annulment in Claremont

A legal annulment is a process to declare your marriage invalid. This process makes it so that, from a legal standpoint, your mariage never really occurred at all. 

A legal annulment has no bearing on a religious annulment, and vice-versa. A religious annulment offered by your place of worship won’t legally erase your marriage. 

Annulments can be difficult to get. That’s why most people simply opt for filing for divorce

But you may be set on invalidating your marriage. If so, you will have to prove it is for one of the accepted reasons in California: 

  • You are married to a close blood-relative — In California, incestuous marriages are illegal. 
  • Your spouse is married to another person — Bigamy inherently invalidates a marriage. 
  • Age — If the person requesting an annulment was under eighteen at the time of marriage, this can invalidate the marriage.
  • Either you or your spouse is of “unsound mind” — This applies if either or both of the parties were unable to understand the obligations or nature of marriage.
  • Fraud — When either party got married by way of fraud or deception, the marriage can be invalidated. 
  • Force — If either party was coerced into the marriage, it can be annulled. 
  • Physical incapacity — This refers to the inability of one of the parties to consummate the marriage physically. It must be due to an ongoing and incurable medical issue.

Time Restrictions for Annulments in California

California has deadlines—known as the statute of limitations—for how long you have to file for an annulment.

You may have more or less time to file for an annulment in Claremont, depending on the reason you give. For example, say you are giving your minor status at the time of marriage as your reason. You’d have four years from turning eighteen to file. Similarly, if you were forced into the marriage, you also have four years. 

You may feel you clearly meet one of the annulment requirements. But it’s still important to understand that this is a tricky area of law. Arguing your case in front of a judge can be hard. Fortunately, a Claremont annulment lawyer can help you understand your eligibility for an annulment. They can also investigate and argue your case. 

Reach Out to an Annulment Lawyer in Claremont

Dealing with the end of your marriage can be draining. But the legal aspects of your Claremont annulment don’t have to be. At The Law Office of Laurence J. Brock, a team of family law specialists can help walk you through the annulment process. 

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