September 29, 2020

Domestic Partnership Termination in Chino Hills

Sometimes, relationships don’t work out and it’s time to terminate the relationship. A Chino Hills domestic partnership termination lawyer can help you end your domestic partnership while protecting your rights and interests.

Getting a divorce was never something you wanted, but sometimes relationships just don’t work out. If you’ve decided that there’s no saving your domestic partnership, it may be time to talk to a lawyer. A lawyer can help you figure out the best path forward. Your lawyer can help you move on with your life.

Getting a divorce is a legal undertaking. There are steps that must be taken. It’s possible for some people to get a summary dissolution of their domestic partnership or marriage. You may have to go the way of a traditional divorce if you don’t qualify for a summary dissolution. 

Getting a domestic partnership termination in Chino Hills could be easier with the right legal assistance.

Is Summary Dissolution or Divorce Right for Your Chino Hills Relationship?

You want to dissolve your domestic partnership or marriage, but how do you go about that? What’s the easiest way to do that? A summary dissolution is the easiest way to dissolve a domestic partnership or divorce, but only some people are eligible. 

For instance, you and your partner must have been together less than five years. You can’t have any children or have adopted children together. Plus, you can’t have any significant property and assets to divide. 

If you meet those qualifications, you could get a summary dissolution. Otherwise, you will have to get a divorce. Domestic partnership termination can be overwhelming for some people, which is why a lot of people get help from a lawyer.

Divorce Issues You Could Face in Chino Hills

When dissolving your domestic partnership in Chino Hills, you will likely have some issues to work out. If you have to get a divorce, several divorce problems have to be resolved. 

For instance, if you have children, child custody must be worked out and a parenting plan will need to be agreed to. You will have to work out the division of assets, property, and debts. You may have to make arrangements for child support or spousal support.

All of these issues can be difficult to resolve without help. After all, you are ending your marriage or partnership for a reason. Communication and the ability to compromise are important when dissolving a partnership in Chino Hills.

Team Up with a Domestic Partnership Lawyer in Chino Hills

If you have decided your relationship is at an end, you may be wondering if you need a lawyer’s help. Chances are you do. Lawyers can take a lot of the stress and hard work of terminating a partnership off your plate. They understand the legal ramifications of a divorce in California, and they can protect your rights and best interests at this difficult time.

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