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There are two main reasons you need to make sure you have a family lawyer from San Bernardino representing you during a divorce.

First, when you represent yourself or fail to engage a family lawyer early in the process, you are at a distinct disadvantage as your spouse may very well retain an attorney of his or her own.

Second, having an attorney involved early in the process will save you a great deal of drama that goes with a divorce and keep things on a much more business-like footing.

Retain a Family Lawyer Early

The legal process starts from the minute you or your spouse files a request for dissolution. At that point, you are fully involved in a divorce proceeding. From day one, you are going to be engaged in a number of processes that will have an impact on how your case is decided:

  • Financial Declarations – Very early on in the process, you will be required to file a financial declaration that lists all of your assets, your income, and your expenses. While this may not seem like a big deal, this will have an impact on a number of things later in the case, including child custody, alimony, and child support decisions.
  • Motions – In any case, there will be pretrial motions filed. These set the status quo for the rest of the trial and are important to file and win. For example, there can be a series of temporary orders made by a court commissioner that involve the use of money, division of assets, custody of children, and protection issues. All of these need to be handled appropriately in order to protect you and should always be handled by your family lawyer as a result.

Keeping It Professional

Through the process of divorce, people sometimes discover that their significant other has a nasty and hurtful side they never experienced. When a divorce becomes reality, every issue between the couple comes to the fore.

In addition, the judge of a family law court is going to decide on critical issues like the custody of children, separation of assets, alimony or spousal support, and child support. When these are at stake, people tend to get very emotionally invested, making everything a battle.

By having your San Bernardino family lawyer engaged early in the process, we can talk to your ex’s lawyers, helping to smooth out a lot of the wrinkles. During these negotiations, we will be communicating on a professional basis, which can help reduce the amount of friction and drama involved in the case.

Consult a San Bernardino Lawyer

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