Things to Consider Before Getting Divorced

At the Law Office of Laurence J. Brock, we help families navigate one of the most difficult life experiences: divorce. Whether you have been married for a couple of years or two decades, getting divorced is probably one of the most difficult things you will ever go through. It takes time, it takes patience, and it requires expert legal guidance. While you certainly can represent yourself, we do not recommend it. In fact, if you can speak with a lawyer before ever starting the process, you will be in far better shape than if you wait.

Here Are Some Things to Consider When Deciding Whether or Not to Get a Divorce

Your Finances

Think about your long-term financial plans and how you intend to separate your income, savings, and retirement funds. Doing so is particularly important if you are concerned that your spouse will react negatively and try to cut you off from accessing joint accounts or the funds you will need to maintain your lifestyle. In this case, speaking with a lawyer ahead of time can help you put a plan in place to protect yourself financially. In the meantime, you can start preparing by opening your own individual checking and savings account, ideally with a different bank.

Your Credit

Going through a divorce can pose several challenges when it comes to your credit cards. Your spouse could request that they are frozen or try to have your name removed from their cards. Suddenly having no or reduced access to credit can make it difficult to purchase the things you need in order to start over. Prepare for this by opening your own individual credit cards ahead of time. They will remain yours to use during and after the divorce.

Your Housing

Think about where you want to live and whether you want to stay in your family home or move out. If you are vying for custody of the kids, you should do whatever you can to try and stay in the home. Otherwise, moving out can be easier, but you will need to set aside funds for securing a new place to stay. Think about how you can save for this without taking away from the funds you need to keep the mortgage current on your primary residence. Keep in mind that if you make late payments on your home now, it will negatively impact your credit, even if your spouse eventually gets the house in the divorce.

Your Children

Custody is certainly the most difficult aspect of any divorce because everyone is a loser. Even if you win primary custody, you will still have to share holidays and other important events. This makes working with a family lawyer incredibly important. You need to protect yourself and your children by planning for the most successful outcome possible. This has to be part of your strategy from day one, and how you handle the separation will play into that.

Keeping your cool when considering divorce is important because it will allow you to plan ahead, strategize, and set yourself up for the best possible outcome. If you know someone who has been debating, have them read this blog so they do not rush into filing for a divorce and make a mistake along the way.

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