May 31, 2020

San Bernardino Military Divorce Lawyer

Military divorces can be more complex than other types of divorce cases. A San Bernardino military divorce attorney from our firm can help you to deal with the additional legal issues facing military couples.

Divorce is almost always complicated, emotional, and downright unpleasant. Military divorces are further complicated by issues of state residency or whether the military spouse is stationed overseas at the time of the divorce. Other issues include splitting a military pension, child custody, child support, and spousal support issues.

A San Bernardino military divorce lawyer from The Law Office of Laurence J. Brock understands the unique challenges presented to military couples and can help you to resolve your divorce in the best way possible. Your attorney will watch out for your rights and ensure that your interests aren’t overlooked during this high-stress time in your life.

Complications Unique to a Military Divorce in California

You are likely to be dealing with many of the same issues that other divorcing couples encounter in California. For instance, you will likely be faced with issues relating to custody of children, the fair division of property and assets, and spousal support. However, there are several issues that are unique to military couples going through a divorce.

For starters, if you are currently stationed overseas, the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) can allow you to stay the divorce proceedings until you have the opportunity to return home and be present through the divorce process.

Additionally, the Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act (USFSPA) allows spouses of military servicemembers to receive certain benefits. For instance, the spouse of a military servicemember may be entitled to some of the military member’s retirement benefits because they were earned during the marriage.

Your San Bernardino servicemember divorce lawyer at our firm can help you deal with all of these issues.

Filing Your Military Divorce in California

California is considered a community property state, so all property acquired during the marriage will be divided between both parties. Your San Bernardino servicemember divorce attorney will know all of California’s divorce laws, so you can relax knowing everything will be taken care of.

Your attorney understands that divorce is never easy. It can be made a little less overwhelming, though, when you have a lawyer on your team. Your lawyer can assist with mediation, settlement negotiation, valuation of property and assets, litigation, and any other issues that arise during your San Bernardino divorce case.

Reach Out to a Military Divorce Attorney in San Bernardino, CA

When you’ve made the decision that a divorce is in your future, you may also make the decision to have a lawyer by your side throughout the divorce process. This experience is going to be difficult enough without your having to worry about figuring out complex legal situations on your own.

Call a San Bernardino military divorce lawyer to discuss your case today. The Law Office of Laurence J. Brock can be reached via the internet submission form on the bottom of this page or by calling 909-466-7661.

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