May 24, 2020

San Bernardino Restraining Order Lawyer

When your safety or that of your children is under threat, you may feel like you have nowhere to turn. Turn to a San Bernardino restraining order lawyer for help getting the protection you need.

If you’re being threatened, harassed, or abused, you have to take action to protect yourself. Notifying law enforcement of any physical threats to you or your children is a wise first step.

Then, to take legal action, speak with a San Bernardino restraining order lawyer. The Law Office of Laurence J. Brock can help you get a restraining order to restore your peace of mind.

Get Help ASAP

If you are in danger or feel that you could be, you need to have a restraining order issued against the person threatening you. Without one, you might have little recourse.

For example, with no restraining order, the police may be unlikely to ask someone to leave you alone until that person has actually harmed or threatened you. With a restraining order in place, however, the threatening party will be required to avoid being near your home, place of business, or other areas you frequent.

If the restraining order is violated, you can call the police and have the person arrested. That’s why restraining orders are effective.

The process of obtaining a restraining order can be complicated, especially if the person in question is telling a different story. But a San Bernardino restraining order attorney can request a temporary or emergency restraining order and fight to have the order made permanent.

Do You Qualify?

You don’t have to be harmed before you can qualify for a restraining order. If someone has threatened to harm you, harassed you, or done anything to purposefully intimidate you, an order may be issued.

However, some evidence will need to be provided to a judge for why a restraining order is warranted.

A restraining order will not be granted if the intent is simply to avoid seeing someone, as is sometimes the case in a messy divorce.

There’s More Than One Type

The court can issue several types of restraining orders based on how the parties know each other and whether they are or were in a relationship. There are also temporary and permanent orders.

To discuss the details of each type of restraining order, speak with a San Bernardino lawyer.

Consider the Impact on Your Life and Kids

When applying for a restraining order, you must consider where you and your children spend most of your time. Restraining orders cannot be vague because someone cannot be forced to stay out of a city or certain area of town.

Instead, restraining orders are for specific places and include language that prevents the other person from being too close if you’re in the same public place.

A San Bernardino restraining order attorney can help you create a list of these locations. Typically, your list should include your home, parents’ home, children’s school, workplace, church, and anywhere else you frequent.

If the person you’re getting an order against is your children’s other parent, the process becomes more complicated. If you share custody, the parenting plan for how the exchange takes place will need to be revised. Also, if the threat warrants it, a judge may award supervised visitation only.

Speak with a San Bernardino Restraining Order Attorney

Restraining orders can be vital to your safety, but, unfortunately, they’re not always easy to get. To make sure you get the protection you need, contact the Law Office of Laurence J. Brock.

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