May 24, 2020

San Bernardino Family Mediation Lawyer

A San Bernardino family mediation attorney can help you settle complicated disputes after your divorce or separation. Give us a call today to find out how we can help.

Sometimes, marriage can end with an amicable divorce. It’s possible for both parties to agree on the division of assets and other matters without the help of mediation or court involvement. Usually, however, divorcing couples need help.

Every divorce is unique and complex—just like every marriage—and many factors can make the separation of two joined lives a lot more difficult.

For example, if one spouse was working and the other was a homemaker, the working spouse may be required to pay spousal support for a time, at least until the other spouse finds employment. That will mean the parties will still be connected after the divorce, and this is an example of a common area of contention.

Children further complicate matters, making disputes more likely. That’s where family law mediation comes into play. If you’re considering going the route of mediation, contact a San Bernardino family mediation lawyer from the Law Office of Laurence J. Brock for assistance.

What Is Family Law Mediation in San Bernardino?

Family law mediation in San Bernardino is a process that divorcing or separating spouses can use to come to agreements on issues common in divorce. The spouses would agree to hire an impartial third party called a mediator. The mediator is specially trained to referee discussions between the two spouses.

The mediator will help steer the conversations, set the tone, and ensure the mediation meetings move in the direction of resolution. The mediator is neutral, meaning he or she can’t take sides, and cannot offer legal advice or pass judgment on your disputes.

Does Mediation Take the Place of a Settlement Meeting?

Mediation doesn’t take the place of a settlement meeting. It’s a different process. Most of the time, the lawyers are not present during mediation. The two spouses and the mediator are present as they attempt to come to an arrangement.

Your lawyer is still necessary to examine any agreements you come to, as well as to offer legal advice so your rights and interests are always protected. Our family law firm in San Bernardino can help with that part, too.

Remember—the mediator is there to get you both to reach an agreement. The mediator’s job is to facilitate communication between the involved parties.

Call a San Bernardino Family Mediation Attorney

Mediation is a wonderful alternative to taking your family matter to the courtroom, and the process can save you time and money. You will likely still need legal assistance with your family law case, and a qualified lawyer from our firm can ensure that, once you’ve reached an agreement in mediation, the agreement is fair for you.

To discuss your case with a San Bernardino family mediation lawyer for free during a confidential, no-obligation case review, call the Law Office of Laurence J. Brock at 909-466-7661. You can also reach us by filling out the online contact form at the bottom of this page.

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