May 24, 2020

Rialto Establishment of Paternity Lawyer

If the mother of your child is disputing your standing as the father, a Rialto establishment of paternity lawyer can help you assert your parental rights.

In California, the court will not recognize you as the legal father of your child unless you were married to the mother when the child was born. Your other option is to establish paternity through the correct legal channels. This is the best way to protect your legal rights as a father, and a Rialto establishment of paternity lawyer from the Law Office of Laurence J. Brock can help you through the process.

Why Do I Need to Establish Paternity?

This is the big question that a lot of fathers ask. After all, if you know that you are the father, why should you have to prove it?

The answer is fairly simple: If you don’t establish paternity, you don’t have legal paternal rights. The mother could refuse to allow you to see your child or be involved in making medical decisions. She could even choose to move away and take your child with her. Furthermore, without legal standing as the father, you won’t have the ability to enroll your child in school, purchase health insurance, or have a say in many other important decisions.

From a legal perspective, you are essentially handicapped. This makes it wise to hire a Rialto establishment of paternity lawyer.

Paternity Gives You Parental Rights

Once paternity has been established, you will have the same legal parental rights as the mother. You can petition the court for visitation or custody, make medical decisions, and much more.

You may need to dispute the mother on some of these issues but you can do so through the court system, once paternity has been established. Before that point, you don’t have the right to petition for custody or assert any of your other father’s rights.

Can Paternity Be Established Without Going to Court?

If the mother is amenable, the appropriate paperwork can be signed and filed, acknowledging your paternity. This is a fairly straightforward process when working with a Rialto establishment of paternity lawyer.

What if the Mother Disputes My Paternal Standing?

This happens all the time. When a couple breaks up before their child is born, it is common for the mother to move on to a new relationship. At this point, she may not want to acknowledge you as the father and might dispute your paternity.

Fortunately, DNA tests can determine whether you are the father, regardless of what she says or wants. In this situation, a family law attorney from our firm will need to ask the court to order that a DNA paternity test be conducted. Once the results are in, a court hearing will be held to establish you as the legal father of the child. It is essentially a two-step process, but it is necessary when the mother does not agree.

You Should Move Quickly

Many fathers need to assert their rights when they have an emergency, such as a mother wanting to move a child out of state. However, it takes time for a hearing to be scheduled and to complete the process, which can delay contesting a relocation or objecting to a medical treatment.

It is far better to establish paternity now, giving you time to sort out other issues, such as visitation, when it is not an emergency.

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