May 28, 2020

Rialto Asset and Debt Discovery Lawyer

If you are considering a divorce but suspect that your spouse has hidden accounts and assets, work with a Rialto asset and debt discovery lawyer to get the full picture.

When getting divorced, you need to know what you and your spouse’s assets and debts are. This should be as easy as logging into your accounts, but for many couples, it’s simply not that straightforward. Some people are secretive and try to hide financial information, making it necessary to hire a Rialto asset and debt discovery lawyer from the Law Office of Laurence J. Brock to get to the truth.

Why Do I Need to Know About All Assets and Debts?

During your divorce, a judge will divide all of your belongings and determine who will pay for what debts. Without an accurate accounting, you could wind up paying for more than your fair share of debt without benefiting from your assets.

After everything you have been through in the divorce process and throughout the marriage, are you willing to take the chance that your soon-to-be ex will walk away with more than he or she deserves? If not, you need a Rialto asset and debt discovery lawyer to ensure that you and the judge have the full financial picture.

Signs of Hidden Assets

Typically, a spouse will have reason to suspect that assets are being hidden because the accounts haven’t made sense or due to things the other person has said. Some signs to watch for are as follows:

  • Past gifts that were more expensive than you could afford
  • Trips that were paid for without explanation
  • The accounts being short every month when they shouldn’t have been
  • Mentions of partners or business deals that you never saw details on
  • Wanting to file taxes individually while married
  • Making you sign waivers or agreements you don’t understand
  • Not allowing bills or statements to come to the house by sending them to a PO box instead
  • Finding debit or credit cards that you were unaware of

These are only a few of the signs that someone is hiding money or debts. If any of them sound familiar, you should speak with a Rialto asset and debt discovery lawyer before beginning your divorce proceedings.

What Is Discovery?

Think of discovery as an investigation. It is the legal process for uncovering information that someone may be unwilling to disclose otherwise. It can involve a variety of tactics, including hiring third parties to complete the investigation.

This often requires demanding evidence be produced (e.g., asking for statements on accounts you think may exist). It may also include conducting depositions to ask the other party questions while under oath. Questions must be asked in a specific way to yield detailed answers.

Get Started with a Rialto Hidden Assets Lawyer

The Law Office of Laurence J. Brock can determine what assets your spouse has hidden so that you can get your fair share rather than just half of what’s been disclosed.

The sooner you begin digging for assets and debts, the better. For help with your case, schedule a free consultation with a Rialto asset and debt discovery lawyer. Get started by completing the form below or by calling 909-466-7661.

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