May 24, 2020

Rialto Annulment Lawyer

If your marriage was not legitimate, you can have it legally annulled. To find out if your situation qualifies, speak with a Rialto annulment lawyer.

If your marriage is going poorly and you suspect that it might not even be legitimate, your best option might be to have the marriage annulled. This only applies in certain circumstances, however, and it’s not always easy to know if your situation qualifies. The best way to find out is to meet with a Rialto annulment lawyer from the Law Office of Laurence J. Brock.

What’s the Difference Between an Annulment and a Divorce?

In an annulment, the court declares that the marriage was never valid in the first place. In effect, you were never actually married. In a divorce, the marriage did exist, and the divorce is a formal process to end it.

As for why people choose one over the other, many people want an annulment because they feel cheated or wronged by the relationship itself or how it came to be. In this case, it can provide closure to know that the marriage was illegitimate rather than to live with the ties that remain from being divorced.

Regardless of the “why,” it is necessary to first qualify for an annulment before one can be granted, something that a Rialto annulment lawyer can help you determine.

Can I Get a Marriage Annulment?

This is a sound option for some people, but not everyone qualifies, making divorce the best option from a legal perspective. To qualify for an annulment, one of the following factors must be proven:

  • Marriage Fraud – For example, if someone entered into a marriage without disclosing that he or she could not physically have children, it could be considered fraudulent.
  • Already Married – Bigamy is illegal, so even if the old—but still current—spouse was out of the picture, this is still grounds for an annulment.
  • Violence and Threats – No one can force you to get married, and if someone does, you can have the marriage annulled.
  • No Marriage Consummation – In California, physical intimacy marks the legal difference between a marriage and a friendship. If the relationship is never consummated, it is not a valid marriage.
  • Minor Status – If a minor marries, he or she can have the relationship annulled once adulthood is reached, but there is a time limit involved.
  • Mental Incapacity – A marriage is a contract, and both parties must be of sound mind to enter into it.

There are other scenarios that may qualify you to file for an annulment, but you should speak with your Rialto annulment lawyer to be certain.

What About the Kids?

If you and your spouse have children together, he or she might try to get out of paying child support when the relationship is annulled. Your Rialto annulment lawyer can work to prevent this. In most cases, a judge will order child support and make custody rulings in an annulment, as would occur during a divorce as long as parentage is not in dispute.

Contact a Rialto Marriage Annulment Lawyer

Both an annulment and a divorce will end your marriage. If you have specific reasons to seek an annulment, contact a Rialto annulment lawyer from the Law Office of Laurence J. Brock. You can arrange a free consultation by calling 909-466-7661 or by using the form below.

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