June 03, 2020

Rancho Cucamonga Custody Modification Lawyer

Have you experienced a change in your circumstances that would allow you to make a modification to your child custody arrangement? You can get help with the process by partnering with a Rancho Cucamonga custody modification attorney.

Your parenting plan or custody arrangement may need to be changed for any number of reasons, but getting a modification can be difficult. A Rancho Cucamonga custody modification lawyer will know how to handle a modification with as little frustration for you as possible.

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Why Would You Want to Modify a Parenting Plan?

There are many reasons why one or both parents may want to make a change to a child custody order.

For instance, if you’ve recently moved farther away from your child, you may want to modify the order so you can spend the same amount of time with your child but spend it all at once, rather than every other day, like you had previously set it up.

Another example would be if you have a new job and you will no longer be able to pick up your child the same day and time you had previously agreed to.

Many situations can make the modification of a custody order a necessity. So how do you go about it? A custody modification lawyer in Rancho Cucamonga can make the way forward clear for you.

The Steps to Modifying Your Rancho Cucamonga Custody Arrangement

You will need to take several steps to get your custody arrangement modified, but some of these steps can be avoided if the other parent agrees to a modified custody arrangement. If he or she agrees, then you can simply complete the agreement form.

If you can’t both agree, you may need to ask a custody modification attorney in Rancho Cucamonga for help with the following steps:

  • Complete the appropriate court forms.
  • Have these forms reviewed by a child custody lawyer.
  • Make at least two copies of these forms, as the original will be filed with the court.
  • File your forms with the court clerk.
  • Receive a mediation or court date.
  • Serve your papers on the other parent.
  • File your proof of service with the court.
  • Attend the hearing and argue your case.

Call a Rancho Cucamonga Custody Modification Attorney

Making a parenting plan is tough, and after it’s been finalized, you may think you never want to go through that again, but there are times when you may want to modify a custody arrangement. You want to spend as much time with your child as possible, so if you’ve had changes in your circumstances, contact an attorney.

A Rancho Cucamonga custody modification lawyer with our firm will help you modify your custody plan. To reach the Law Office of Laurence J. Brock and discuss your case during an initial case review, call 909-466-7661. You may also complete the contact form on this page.

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