May 28, 2020

California Visitation Rights

If you are separating or divorcing from your spouse or domestic partner, and you share children, then you might be trying to learn more about California visitation rights.

All parents have equal rights to custody and visitation in California. The only way you lose those rights is when it’s proven to a judge that it would not be in the child’s best interest to continue visitation with one or both parents, or for one or both parents to have custody of the child.

Learn More About Custody and Visitation in California

Gone are the days when the mother was automatically granted custody of the children. Today, the court believes that both parents have equal rights to care for the child and spend time with the child, unless proven otherwise.

The following are some of the ways custody agreements can be settled:

  • You and your spouse can set up a parenting plan that works for both of you, and the judge can sign off on it.
  • If you can’t agree, you can attend mediation and attempt to work out an agreement between both of you.
  • If mediation doesn’t work, or it is not appropriate in your case, a hearing will be set where the judge will look at both parents’ abilities to care for the child and decide on a custody plan for you.

There are two main types of custody:

Full custody means that one parent is given the right to make decisions regarding the child, and the child will live with that parent. The other parent can have visitation, either supervised or unsupervised. Supervised visitation is when a parent has demonstrated that they aren’t suitable to be alone with the child.

Ever more common today is joint or shared custody, in which both parents live with and care for the child at least part of the time. They both have legal custody, and they work out parenting times between them.

Do You Have Additional Questions Regarding California Visitation Laws?

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