May 24, 2020

DCSS Dept of Child Support Services

When a family goes through a divorce, it isn’t just the parents who feel the impact. The children feel it as well, right down to the effects of a new financial situation.

In order to try and make sure that children get the financial and medical care they deserve after a divorce, California utilizes the DCSS or Dept. of Child Support Services.

However, divorcing parents should realize that the DCSS is there to assist in collecting the support and enforcing court orders, but is not directly involved in the divorce in any way.

Divorce and Support in California

Before child support can be established, custody has to be designated as part of the rulings of the divorce. The noncustodial parent will then pay support as determined by the court to the custodial parent. Several specific numbers and rulings will impact the amount of the support. These elements include the income of both parents, the parent designated to carry insurance on the child, and the amount of time each parent will spend with the child or children in question.

Role of DCSS

The DCSS or Dept. of Child Support Services is there to enforce the ruling of the family court.

Parents often fear that once DCSS is involved, their divorce terms or custody arrangements can be changed. However, this isn’t the case.

The closest they get to being involved in the divorce is providing services to help establish paternity in order to determine whether or not child support is required.

Beyond this, the department simply collects support and assists with support issues like late or missing payments. In part, their role is to limit the burden of child welfare on the state by taking measures to ensure that the noncustodial parent pays the support and provides medical care as decreed by the court.

These things are enforced as soon as the decree is made by the court before, during, or after the divorce.

Child Support Estimate

You can use the California child support calculator to help you estimate what the amount of support might be, but ultimately it is up to the ruling of the court.

The court may consider certain elements that the calculator does not take into consideration. Use it for estimation, but do not rely on the numbers.

Instead, consult with Laurence J. Brock to help you determine the considerations the court will have and what kind of numbers you can expect from the court according to your individual circumstances.

We Can Help You with Child Support

It’s important to keep in mind that DCSS’s role is primarily to make sure child’s best interests are kept in mind after the divorce is finalized.

It is crucial, however, that you consult with a divorce lawyer who is familiar with and experienced in child custody and child support to ensure that you receive the fair and legal treatment you deserve.

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