May 24, 2020

Rancho Cucamonga High Asset Divorce Lawyer

Not every divorce is as simple as dealing with one home and a few financial issues. Some divorces are considered high assets cases, which can involve multiple properties, various financial holdings, collections, and sometimes even a business or professional practice.

In such cases, you don’t need an average divorce lawyer, rather a Rancho Cucamonga High Asset Divorce Lawyer. Laurence J. Brock has been witness to what can happen when you don’t have qualified people in your corner.

California Professionals Involved in the Divorce

Your divorce lawyer can help you divide your debts and assets according to California law but in high asset cases, you will likely need the expertise of various professionals. For example, the art collection will need to be appraised to provide an accurate number when describing the value of the collection. You might also have a jewelry collection or family estate of antiques that need to be appraised. At The Law Office of Laurence J. Brock we not only help make sure your assets are legally divided, but we can also ensure that you receive the appropriate and fair value of your assets.

Division of Multiple Properties

California is a community property state which requires the equal division of debts and assets incurred or acquired during the marriage.

Typically, this requires selling property, but even though you might own multiple properties, you might not want to actually sell everything.

Perhaps you have properties that are in different states or even different countries. You don’t necessarily have to sell them, but you will need to account for their value when dividing assets in a divorce.

Many high asset cases end up with no property sales. Instead, the properties are divided evenly between the two parties, as are the debts.

The stakes are much higher in these cases, because the debts and assets aren’t those of the average couple, yet the same method of division is applied.

Managing High Stakes

When it comes to high asset cases, the tensions run high. It isn’t just the end of a life together. Sometimes it’s the end of a business partnership as well, and may involve the division of extravagant purchases. The value of these things coupled with the complexity involved in dividing them can cause emotions to run higher than usual.

If you happen to be involved in a business, now is the time to treat every legal proceeding as you would your business; calmly and without emotion. There are high stakes involved and you don’t want to make a costly error because you were upset.

This is just one reason it’s best to let Laurence J. Brock handle the details for you.

Discovering and Accessing Hidden Accounts

It is possible that you or your spouse has a hidden account or two, or unreported income, and as part of a fair and legal divorce, these accounts will need to be addressed.

Accessing and dividing accounts the other party likely won’t want to be included in the division of assets is not easy to deal with if you aren’t familiar with the divorce process.

Often these types of assets involve false documents and techniques that you will need an experienced attorney to help you uncover.

If you think your spouse has hidden accounts, it’s best to offer that information to The Law Office of Laurence J. Brock, so we can seek out and address those accounts legally, rather than attempting to handle them on your own.

The Purpose of a High Asset-Complex Division Attorney

When it comes right down to it, there are so many elements, money, and people involved in high asset divorces, that it’s nearly impossible to go through this process without an experienced lawyer.

An error in this situation can result in, at the very least, thousands of dollars.

Rather than risk losing money or paying more than you are legally required, it’s best to look to a Rancho Cucamonga High Asset Divorce Lawyer.

Laurence J. Brock is has over twenty years experience making sure high asset cases are dealt with fairly and legally. If you are considering divorce or are in the process, contact us online or call our office at (909) 466-7661 for a free initial consultation.

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