June 03, 2020

Pomona Separation Lawyer

If your marriage has fallen on hard times but you aren’t sure if divorce is the way to go, a legal separation could be the best thing for both your future and your relationship. For help figuring out what to do, contact a Pomona separation lawyer.

When you and your spouse are on the fence about the future of your marriage, consider speaking with a Pomona separation lawyer from the Law Office of Laurence J. Brock. You don’t need to immediately get divorced, especially if you think that reconciliation might be a real possibility. When filing for a legal separation, you will be able to take a break from your relationship while being protected both financially and legally.

Benefits of Legally Separating

It is common for couples to need time apart to decide if they want to go through with a divorce or reconcile. Separating gives you the option to take a breather while preparing for a divorce should it become necessary.

Remaining in the same home or establishing an informal agreement is unwise, because if you do get divorced, the court may not view this loose arrangement as an actual separation. This means that the time you were “separated” will count toward your total years married.

Legally separating offers the following advantages:

  • Your finances become separate, and a formal agreement will be reached regarding issues like spousal support during the separation.
  • You will live in different homes.
  • Child custody arrangements are established and must be followed, regardless of any infighting that might happen later.
  • Neither party can bind the other in a legal contract—including taking on additional debt. For example, if one spouse went out and purchased a new vehicle, the other would not be responsible for that debt.
  • The number of years in the marriage will end at the point of separation. This is important when calculating things like the division of pension benefits.

The Marriage Separation Process

To legally separate, you must complete paperwork that is similar to an actual divorce. Division of property and assets may be addressed along with custody issues.

You will then go before a judge with your Pomona separation lawyer. If both parties are in agreement, the judge will certify the separation and it will become binding.

Divorcing After Legal Separation

A separation can turn into a divorce with limited paperwork. If, after spending time apart, you decide to end the marriage, your Pomona separation lawyer can arrange for a simple hearing where the judge reviews the paperwork and finalizes the divorce.

In some cases, the details of the divorce can be contested, but a judge is likely to certify the status quo established by your legal separation.

Getting divorced is emotional, and it is common for one or both parties to change their mind regarding certain issues. Formalizing this agreement from the beginning can reduce the likelihood of a divorce turning contentious.

Why an Official Separation Is Important

If you say that you are separated but continue to live in the same home and do not seek a legal separation, it is unlikely that a judge will view you as actually separated.

This means that you could be legally bound by your spouse’s activities and be held responsible for his or her financial decisions. This makes it within your best interests to formalize your separation as soon as possible with the help of a Pomona separation lawyer.

Once a separation has been filed, you cannot be bound by any contracts that your spouse signs or by any debts that he or she incurs.

Speak with a Pomona Legal Separation Lawyer

To protect your legal and financial rights during a separation, you need the help of an experienced Pomona separation lawyer from the Law Office of Laurence J. Brock. We are here to assist you. Schedule a consultation by using the form below or by calling 909-466-7661.

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